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Call of Duty: modern Warfare 3 2023 breaks several records: the average game time of players is 2 generations ahead of time.

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Shulou( Report--, November 23, "call of Duty: modern Warfare III 2023" was officially released on November 10 this year. At present, the comprehensive evaluation on Steam platform is "mostly bad", and the score of IGN platform is 6 points, but Activision said the work broke a series of records.

Activision tweeted that call of Duty: modern Warfare III 2023 was released just two weeks ago, setting a new record for participation in the Modern Warfare series, with each player playing for more time than the previous two generations. attached a tweet with a picture showing that in call of Duty: modern Warfare III 2023, zombie mode is the third most popular mode in the history of the series, after campaign mode and multiplayer mode.

Players in this campaign mode have played longer than the first two movies on average, which can be attributed to the Streisand effect (Streisand effect).

The effect refers to an attempt to prevent the public from understanding certain content, or to suppress specific online information, which is counterproductive and makes the incident known to more people.

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