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The number of orders for V2X-OBU and RSU has soared, and the full implementation of Intelligent Network Automotive is approaching.

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Shulou( Report--

According to the dealer, with the release of the four ministries on November 17, "carry out the pilot work of intelligent network access and road access."

According to the relevant technical specifications of Intelligent Network, each car is equipped with V2X-OBU and 2-3 V2X-RSU per kilometer.

Over the past week, V2X-OBU and V2X-RSU enquiries and orders have soared by more than 10%. At present, the average price of domestic mainstream manufacturers is about 20, 000, and the average price of V2X-RSU is 30, 000. due to the macro-environmental problems of the car market this year, the inventory of the industry is very low, will it repeat the rush to install ETC in 2019 and 2020?

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