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Sources say that Sony's PS5 Pro game console is expected to adopt exclusive DLSS technology, which will be launched in September next year.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua)-- well-known whistleblower Jeff Grubb recently mentioned some new information about Sony's PlayStation 5 Pro game console in its video program, saying that the console may be released in September next year.

Grubb also talked about some hardware specifications, including a new technology that Sony is developing: essentially a proprietary DLSS that uses AI and machine learning to improve visual effects so that games can run at very high resolution and frame rate. PS5 Pro can use this technique to perform supersampling to achieve better ray tracing results. At the same time, he also said that PS5 Pro will have "specialized hardware" to achieve the above effect.

It said the news about PS5 Pro earlier this week was "almost certainly true" and was still confirming it again and again.

As previously reported by, Tom Henderson has said that the full specification of the PS5 Pro is expected to be leaked this month because Sony has distributed the development kit to a third-party studio.

A member of the ResetEra forum released some SoC data about the mainframe. According to his description, the SoC (Viola) is based on TSMC N4P and belongs to GFX1115. It maintains the Zen2 architecture to be compatible with the current PS5, but the peak frequency can reach 4.4GHz. Each core has an L1 cache for 64KB, an L2 cache for 512KB, and a L3 shared cache for 8MB (with 4MB per CCX).

Kepler, a reliable source, also said on the X platform that there are 64 CU in the SoC Viola used by Sony PS5 Pro, but 60 CU are actually enabled.

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