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The one plus 12 mobile phone announces the color matching of white, green and rock black, which is known as "the top glass craft in the industry".

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 1933769 for the clue delivery! According to news on November 23, Li Jie, president of one plus China, today announced three colors of one plus 12 mobile phones: White, pale green and rock black.

He said that these three colors are not only the three most popular colors among users, but also "gifts about time and growth". Leave blank meaning "a touch of white, do not change the original heart"; pale green means "thousands of rivers and mountains, only this green"; rock black means "ten years of sharpening, firm as rock".

Li Jie also revealed in the comment area that one plus 12 has only these three colors, no new colors, and that all three colors are "the top glass craftsmanship in the industry."

As previously reported by, the rendering of one plus 12 rock black color has been exposed. The new machine still uses a family-style design, with a rear camera, a flash at the upper left of the lens module and a Hassel "H" logo on the left. In addition, the front of the one plus 12 phone is equipped with a curved screen, the front lens uses a conventional center opening, and the loudspeaker is located above the opening. On the back, the new machine provides a frosted body.

▲ source @ OnLeaks configuration, one plus 12 will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, screen size of 6.82in, resolution of 3168 × 1440p, support 120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate, equipped with 5400mAh battery + 100W wired fast charge + 50W wireless fast charge.

The official announcement of one plus mobile phone will be held on December 4, which is expected to bring the latest news of one plus 12 mobile phone. Interested friends can follow it.

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