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Tesla China responded to the domestic landing of FSD: it is indeed in progress.

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery!, November 23, according to the China Fund News, the landing of Tesla FSD (fully self-driving capability) in China is considered to have entered the "countdown" stage as the four ministries jointly issued a notice to carry out intelligent Internet car access and road access pilot work. Tesla China responded to this: "it is indeed in progress at present."

According to the report, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Transport issued the notice on the pilot work of Intelligent Network access and Road access, requiring L3 and L4 intelligent network vehicles with the conditions for mass production to carry out road pilot projects in limited areas, especially the determination of accident responsibility for the first time.

According to previous reports from, Musk revealed earlier this week that FSD V12 would be launched for trial "in about two weeks", while overseas blogger @ WuWa said that FSD had "everything ready" in the Chinese market, but Tesla had not officially announced the news.

At the same time, @ Teslascope found that Tesla has begun to provide user manuals with FSD beta information for new car owners in Europe, China and Australia, suggesting that Tesla may be preparing to gradually launch the system outside North America.

Tesla pointed out in the car owner's manual that with the expansion of FSD Beta deployment, Tesla will gradually provide this function to eligible customers in selected countries outside the United States and Canada.

The company also points out that FSD Beta is a "feature that requires you to keep an eye on the road" rather than providing a higher level of autopilot that allows drivers to do whatever they want on the road.

Because each country has its own unique infrastructure, driving behavior and traffic patterns, FSD Beta needs to adapt over time, so extra focus and excessive caution are essential for drivers using FSD Beta in newly qualified countries. You must always be ready to take over safely.

Last month, Tesla's FSD Beta plan traveled a total of 500 million miles, surpassing the company's upcoming release of version 12 of the system in North America, which, according to Musk, will no longer be tested. It is not clear when it will be released, but it is expected to be launched soon.

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