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Not only 100W wired fast charging, Glory 100 Pro mobile phone announced support for 66W wireless fast charging

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! November 23, the ongoing launch of the Glory 100 series of new products, the Honor 100 Pro mobile phone announced support for 66W wireless fast charging.

According to reports, the Glory 100 Pro is equipped with 5000mAh batteries and supports 100W wired fast charging, which is officially declared to be "up to 50% in 10 minutes". In addition, the new phone also supports 66W wireless fast charging, which is twice as fast as iPhone wired charging.

According to, according to the interim regulations on Radio Administration of Wireless charging (Power Transmission) equipment previously issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the upper limit of charging power for mobile devices such as mobile phones has been raised from 50W to 80W. The new rules will come into effect on September 1 next year, and Glory has also been arranged in advance.

In addition, the new machine is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and Glory self-developed RF enhancement chip C1, with a maximum increase of 17% for cellular communication antenna transmission and 35% for antenna reception.

Glory 100Pro combined with reverse water cold carried out in-depth adjustment of ray tracing technology, and laboratory test data showed that the new machine had an average rate of 59.61FPS and a jitter rate of 1.57%.

Thanks to the blessing of MagicOS, Glory 100Pro supports the split screen of the game, which can be used both in one screen and the game strategy is not wrong.

In addition, MagicOS virtual solo technology can help Glory 100 Pro achieve 120FPS game superframes, which officials say can be adapted to third-party games and support higher frame rate modes than the original frame rate.

For more information about the Glory 100 series, will bring you later.

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