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After stopping the split, Aliyun starts a new round of organizational structure adjustment

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, only a week after Alibaba announced that he would no longer promote the cloud intelligence group's complete spin-off plan, Aliyun ushered in a new round of organizational restructuring today.

At the commercial level, Aliyun has set up a special public cloud business division, headed by Liu Weiguang, as well as a hybrid cloud business division, headed by Li Jin, according to the Economic Observer Network. In addition to the overseas Business Department, which was previously headed by Yuan Qian, the heads of the above three divisions all reported to Wu Yongming, chairman and CEO of Aliyun Intelligent Group.

Aliyun has also set up the Infrastructure Division and the Product Architecture and Stability Department at the industry and research level, which are headed by Ali partner Jiang Jiangwei (nickname: Xiao Evil) and Tang Hong, who returned to Aliyun, both of whom report to Aliyun CTO Zhou Jingren.

In this round of adjustment, Zheng Junfang, a partner of Ali, will also be in charge of BI (Business Intelligence, short for business intelligence), strategic investment, sales management, price management and other departments on the basis of serving as the chief financial officer of Aliyun Intelligence Group.

In addition, Ali partner Wang Lei will be in charge of the supply chain, website, services, CIO (information technology and systems) and other departments in Aliyun. It is reported that both Zheng Junfang and Wang Lei reported to Wu Yongming. had previously reported that Alibaba announced a suspension of the spin-off of Aliyun last week, and Alibaba executives said on the earnings call that the public cloud now accounts for more than 70 per cent of Ali's external revenue. In the future, Aliyun will continue to increase its investment in public cloud core products.

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