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The cumulative output of Glory folding screen exceeds 1 million sets: three years of growth, a transformation

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Shulou( Report--

On the evening of November 23, Glory held the launch of the new Glory 100 series of new products, which attracted the attention of science and technology enthusiasts all over the network. In addition to the launch of the new product, Glory also announced recent market developments at the press conference, the most striking of which is that Glory has produced more than 1 million folding screen phones so far this year.

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a single brand could mass produce 1 million folding screen phones in a short period of time. This shows two things:

First, represented by light and thin innovation, folding screen mobile phone technology is becoming more and more mature and easier to use.

Second, the consumer market is increasingly accepting the folding screen, the scale effect is beginning to show, I believe that the next folding screen mobile phones will have a more rapid evolution and development, gradually complete the full replacement of straight phones, and become the most eye-catching pearl in the field of high-end smart phones.

At this stage, Apple has not yet laid out the field of folding screen, and other mobile phone brands regard folding screen phones as a breakthrough in the high-end market. With the arrival of the milestone of 1 million sets, Glory is becoming a cutting-edge explorer and practitioner to promote the full popularity of folding screens.

Product matrix construction is orderly, 1 million "reasonable" since its birth, heavy design, high prices and niche market, so that folding screen mobile phones and "volume" missed. Not long ago, market research agency TrendForce said that the estimated penetration rate of folding mobile phones in 2023 is 1.6%, which fully shows that compared with straight-board phones, folding screen mobile phones have broad prospects for large-scale popularity. Glory has taken the lead in breaking through 1 million units in mass production so far this year, which shows us confidence and hope.

In fact, for folding screen mobile phones, the inevitable elements of large-scale development are nothing more than two, one is a wide range of prices, and the other is that the products are easy to use.

First look at the first, price coverage, in fact, the product gear coverage should be comprehensive and perfect. While Glory is obviously ahead of the industry in terms of product definition and release rhythm of folding screen, unlike many brands' strategy of using a series of products to dominate the world for folding screen phones, Honor folding screen series mobile phones provide different product arrays. For example, Honor launched the first folding screen phone Honor Magic V in January last year, and then made a more detailed division of products in the Honor Magic Vs series at the end of the year. Divided into Magic Vs and Magic Vs to Zhen version of two versions, the price from 7499 yuan to 10888 yuan, so as to meet the needs of different people.

During the period from July to October this year, Glory launched a new folding product, "three strikes", and successively released three products: Magic V2, V Purse and Magic Vs2. Among them, Glory Magic V2 focuses on lightweight business folding, Glory V Purse focuses on lightweight fashion folding, Glory Magic Vs2 focuses on lightweight folding main machine, price coverage from 5999 to 12999 yuan, different product functions and price positioning, so that Glory folding screen product matrix is more comprehensive and three-dimensional, but also leads large folding smartphones into the mainstream consumer price segment. This is an important factor that Glory is able to achieve the feat of mass production of 1 million folding screen phones in a year.

Glory is also at the forefront of exploration to make folding screen products easier to use. Through the continuous innovation of materials, technology and technology, many pain points in the use of folding screen mobile phones have been solved.

For example, an important factor affecting the popularity of folding screen mobile phones in the past is that the fuselage design is relatively heavy and inconvenient to use. On the Magic V2, Glory has greatly thinned and lost weight for the phone through innovation in structure, material and technology, bringing key innovations such as Luban titanium hinge, ultra-thin encircling antenna design, glory Qinghai Lake battery and glory cicada wing bionic heat dissipation system, so that there is only 4.7mm when the phone is unfolded and only 9.9mm when it is folded, which really brings the folding screen phone into the millimeter era. At the same time, the fuselage weighs only 231g, which is lighter and thinner than many straight phones. Only when the folding screen phone is so thin that it is not as thin as the folding screen can it really begin to become popular.

In addition to being light and thin, Glory has also brought a lot of innovation to folding screen phones in terms of user experience. Not to mention that there are no shortcomings in terms of performance, screen display, video, range, free hover operation, smart private call 2.0 and so on, the original "wallet folding screen" design of Honor V Purse is enough to make Glory leave a mark in the history of folding screen development. It injects unprecedented fashion genes into folding screen phones and brings amazing side displays at the interactive level, allowing users to customize their personal status and update it in real time to convey their personality status. Glory V Purse also further reduced the closed thickness of the fuselage to 8.6mm, breaking the industry record again.

Glory folding screen three strikes with frivolous innovation directly hit the real pain point of users, won the unanimous recognition of the market. According to the third-quarter Chinese mobile phone market shipment report of IDC data, Glory Magic V2 leads all folding screen products in the third quarter with strong product power, taking the first place in the folding screen market. At the same time, market research firm Omdia also reported that shipments on the high-end Magic line increased by 107.5% year-on-year and 20% month-on-month, driven by Glory Magic V2. The cumulative year-on-year growth of the Magic high-end series reached 30 per cent in the first to third quarters of this year. IDC also said: "in the high-end market above $600, Glory has seen a significant increase in the share of three new folding screen products, and the lightest and thinnest folding screen phones are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people."

It can be seen that the folding screen phone is becoming a strategic product that honors to break through the solidified pattern of the high-end market. Glory has taken the lead in entering the high-end race track led by the folding screen to complete the head-to-head confrontation with Apple, Huawei and other brands in the high-end market.

Innovation and cooperation to promote the overall upgrading of the folding screen industry chain to expand the large-scale popularity of folding screen mobile phones is an inevitable trend. It is only a matter of time before the high-end mobile phone market in the future is dominated by folding screens, but the key lies in how to reduce this "time". Accelerate the development of folding screen phones to mature, fully replace the flagship of the straight board. In order to achieve this, it is obviously not enough to rely on the efforts of terminal manufacturers such as Glory, but also need the upgrading and evolution of the entire industrial chain.

In this process, the role that terminal manufacturers need to play is to lead the upgrading of the industrial chain through their own understanding of the consumer market, combined with strong technology research and development capabilities.

First of all, in terms of its own R & D capability, after just three years of independence, it has always adhered to the R & D road of "underlying root technology" and "engineering technology". Tamp the core technology competitiveness from software, hardware and various systems.

At present, Glory's R & D investment accounts for 10% of the company's annual income, with more than 8000 R & D personnel, accounting for more than 60% of the company's personnel, thus achieving more than 300 patent applications per month. At the same time, Glory has also established 7 R & D bases and more than 100 innovation laboratories in Beijing, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris. The intensity of R & D investment ranks sixth among the top 2022 Chinese enterprises and ranks first among mobile consumer electronics companies.

With such a deep R & D strength, Glory can constantly break the boundary and subvert and reconstruct the inherent product research and development logic according to the product pain points of the folding screen. For example, at the hardware level, silicon-carbon negative battery technology can greatly reduce the size and weight of folding screen mobile phones while maintaining large battery capacity, and optimize hinge design through new materials and 3D printing technology. as well as aerospace-grade rare earth magnesium alloy materials to build screen module support frame to further reduce weight and volume, these new materials and processes break through the limit of design. It also leads the upgrading direction of the folding screen industry chain.

The development and growth of the industrial chain is inseparable from the breakthrough of technology, the innovation of product form and the widening of price gear, and requires the coordinated development of upstream and downstream of the industry. For example, in technology, Glory starts from the key structural parts of the folding screen, such as display modules and batteries, and cooperates deeply and closely with the vast number of industrial chain partners. For example, the ultra-thin card battery "Qinghai Lake Battery" created by Glory set Innovation has solved the difficulties in the battery design of folding screen mobile phones. The battery is only 2.72mm thick but has a capacity of 5000 Ma. This design scheme is being followed and adopted by more manufacturers.

In addition, in terms of folding screen, Glory has also worked closely with upstream screen manufacturers such as BOE and Vicino to bring cutting-edge experiences such as 2500nit peak brightness and 3840Hz zero-risk dimming. Not only that, Glory has also set up the Oasis Eye Care Lab, which will invest more than 1 billion yuan in research and development costs to promote the humanization, specialization and standardization of eye care technology. We also cooperate with German Rheinland, BOE, Vicino, Tianma and other industrial chain partners to build a benchmark for health display.

On the other hand, it is precisely because Glory and other head manufacturers actively adopt the flexible OLED screens of BOE and Vicino, their hot product sales have also led to the rise of the domestic screen supply chain, promoting the substantial progress of domestic OLED screen technology, and even entering the purchasing sequence of international brands such as Apple and Samsung.

We know that, unlike straight-board mobile phones, which have experienced many years of development and standardized supply, folding screen mobile phones are still in the exploratory stage, and their manufacturing process is often highly customized, which not only requires a more sophisticated level of craftsmanship, but also tests the technical content of manufacturers and the supply chain. Glory has joined hands with many Chinese industrial chain enterprises to make breakthroughs in screens, hinges, batteries and glass, and to achieve mass production of 1 million single-brand folding screens is the best proof. With the continuous increase in the yield of products and the reduction of costs brought about by the scale effect, both upstream and downstream will have more confidence to invest in the innovative development of folding screens, which will not only bring more business opportunities and competitive advantages to glory and related supply chain enterprises. at the same time, it will also promote China's industry and manufacturing industry to develop in a higher-end, more intelligent and more refined direction, and enhance the overall level and competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry.

Conclusion according to the ranking of smartphone shipments in China in the third quarter of IDC, Glory ranks first in China's mobile phone market with a market share of 19.3%, while Glory also won the first place with a market share of 19% in the second quarter of 2022. This is not easy for brands that have been independent for just three years.

From full recovery to high-end breakout, the details and significance behind the two championships must also be different. This time, starting with the achievements of the folding screen series, Glory is sending a new signal to the industry: in the future when the folding screen is about to become mainstream, Glory will show more industry leadership and market competitiveness than ever before.

As Honor CEO Zhao Ming predicted: "the next 5 to 10 years will be an once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity." It is believed that along the high-end road of the upgrading of the folding screen industry, Glory will grasp the pulse of this industrial change, walk out a unique road of development, and pass on the "Chinese glory" to the global market. create a new "world glory".

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