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Xinrui all-Optical 4.0 | build a "standard" all-optical + electric all-optical network

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Shulou( Report--

In recent years, the campus network is undergoing two profound changes at the networking level, one is "light advance and copper retreat" and the other is "wireless priority". Under the joint promotion of these two trends, Xinrui believes that in the future, the network construction of park users will transition from "wireless as a supplement to wired" to a new era of "wired and wireless integration".

Complying with the two major trends of optical network development, Xinrui has created an all-optical 4.0 solution, which combines security technology and intelligent technology while realizing networking technology breakthrough and innovation. for users to create a "standard, simple, intelligent, secure" next-generation all-optical wireless network.

Xinrui all-optical 4.0 networking architecture (for reference only)

Industry standard

Optoelectronic hybrid activity connector SC type, using the "people's Republic of China Communications Industry Standard YD / T 4305.1-2023", the industry standard issued and implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in line with industry standards, easy to evolve in the future.

Simple deployment

Xinrui all-optical 4.0 scheme adopts standard optoelectronic integrated interface, which can be connected at one time, and the deployment is clean and beautiful, which is consistent with the traditional network cable.

Xinrui all-optical 4.0 wiring deployment (for reference only)

Simple construction

Compared with the traditional hot melting method, the fusion end mode adopted by all-optical 4.0 is similar to the cold connection mode, which greatly reduces the difficulty of construction and can complete a point deployment in 2-3 minutes. At the same time, compared with the cold connection, the success rate and long-term use reliability of the molten end are stronger.

Simple operation and maintenance

In the all-optical 4.0scheme, the PoF optoelectronic integrated switch not only has the function of port visualization, but also can directly see the transceiver and transmission of the interface optical power, which helps to judge the quality of the optical fiber link and ensures the communication. In addition, Xinrui all-optical 4.0 scheme uses PoE technology, and the power supply situation, including voltage, current, power supply load statistics, can be seen directly on the switch side. Xinrui all-Optical 4.0 also supports remote power-up and power-up operation of the device through the NMC platform to control AP.

Xinrui all-optical 4.0 scene solution

Xinrui all-optical 4.0 network can achieve high bandwidth of 100G core and 40G backbone, and adopt optoelectronic integrated PoF access to meet the centralized power supply of optical AP. The network controller replaces the wireless AC to realize the unified management of the wired and wireless Internet of things. In addition, the controller can also realize pure software, and the configuration management is more flexible and stable. In order to adapt to each scene, Xinrui all-Optical 4.0 has also carried out personalized design for the use of the scene, and launched the following scene-based solutions based on all-Optical 4.0.

PoF entry of Optoelectronic Integration in dormitory

The switch of the dormitory building is deployed uniformly, the middle is passive, the transmission distance of the mixed cable is long, and only one weak power room needs to be maintained in one building. Xin Ruizhi photosensitive AP uses optoelectronic hybrid cable safe low-voltage centralized power supply, which can keep on the network when the indoor power supply is cut off at night. Many dormitory rooms, centralized AP, simple connection with optoelectronic connectors, similar to network cable deployment, neat and beautiful deployment, greatly reduce construction time.

Office Optoelectronic Integration PoF entry

The layout of the wiring in the office building is beautiful, the construction is convenient, and there is no need to consider getting electricity nearby. Xinrui 4.0 photosensitive AP supports multi-form deployment, such as ceiling installation, wall hanging, desktop and so on, to meet different office scenarios. The scenario adopts optoelectronic integrated optical AP to be deployed in the room, and the AP has four 1000m network ports, which can achieve unified wired and wireless access.

Xinrui all-optical 4.0 products

From stage 1.0 to stage 4.0, Xinrui all-optical network has undergone four generations of product upgrades and value enhancements, from miniaturization of optical switches in 1.0 to centralized power supply in optical AP separation in 2.0, hybrid power supply over optical AP private interface in 3.0, to hybrid power supply in optical AP standard interface in 4.0. Today, the port-level optoelectronic integration equipment launched by Xinrui all-Optical 4.0 covers all aspects of the network architecture on the basis of product function and value upgrade.

Family photo of Xinrui all-optical products

Platform level: NMC software form, software and hardware all-in-one gigabit light, 10 gigabit optical equipment

Core layer: engine TS7900 series 100G all-optical switch

Convergence level: gathering 10 gigabyte light 6500 focus 6300 series, gigabit light 5300 series

Access layer: Ambient light box, optoelectronic integrated PoF switch

AP level: optical UAP series, smart photosensitive AP series, Internet of things fusion AP series

Optoelectronic matching: SC optoelectronic hybrid connector, centralized power supply module, optoelectronic hybrid cable, color optical module, wavelength division multiplexer

At present, Xinrui has provided high-quality services to more than 80000 industry users, such as the government, education, enterprises, smart cities, supermarket chains, scenic spots, hotels and so on, and is committed to making the connection safer, simpler and more valuable!

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