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Bigme's first 7-inch AI Mini smart office book B751 released at 1699 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Bigme University today launched the first 7-inch AI Mini smart office book B751, priced at 1699 yuan.

According to reports, the machine uses a 7-inch body, thickness 7mm, with its own leather cover, optional cherry pollen, sea sky blue, quiet black tricolor.

The machine is equipped with eight-core 2.3GHz processor, 4+64GB storage supports the maximum expansion of 1TB, standard stylus 4096 pressure sense.

In addition, the machine supports a large AI model, which claims to have an accuracy of more than 98%, and supports translation and translation of 36 languages and 27 dialects. Other functions include intelligent summary, intelligent chat, intelligent creation, intelligent painting, intelligent translation and so on.

Screen, the machine known as self-developed xRapid fast brush + automatic residual shadow technology, equipped with 300PPI resolution ink screen, no blue light, no strobe, the screen through the German Rheinland paper certification, 36 levels of cold and warm before the light can be adjusted brightness, color temperature and so on.

For the rest, the machine is equipped with physical page turning keys, Android 11 open system, supports cloud read and write storage, Wechat intertransmission, and QR code sharing, as well as external OTG expansion, Bluetooth wireless connection, headset / keyboard / mouse connection, one-click screen, and built-in Reading Mall resources.

Bigme's first Mini intelligent office book, B751, will be pre-sold on the e-commerce platform at 8 o'clock tonight, with a unified retail price of 1699 yuan, with attached to the parameter table:

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