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To help the vigorous development of traditional culture, Kuaishou joined hands with Xinhua News Agency to create a live program of "Chinese Art has a New style".

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As a precious treasure of the Chinese nation, traditional culture carries rich historical and cultural details. At 8: 00 p.m. on November 20, with the sound of Xiao Lu, the host of the Xinhua News Agency, "the opera category is new", the program "Chinese Art with New fans" jointly created by Kuaishou Live and Xinhua News Agency officially kicked off.

As a first-line national art show, the first live broadcast of "the New National Art" invited Beijing Peking Opera House Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Troupe actor, Xunpai disciple and famous Peking Opera performing artist Sun Yuming to enter the room, Wang Mengting as a guest. Finally, five opera anchors, including Na, Zhang Junbo, Lu Huating, Su Qiaoru and Huang Xiaoli, appeared amazingly in the live broadcast room to conduct interviews, talent shows and interactive games. To present an audio-visual feast of traditional culture for Kuaishou.

In view of talent and national art, "Chinese art has a new style" to create a Show of innovative traditional culture.

The first live broadcast of "Chinese Art has a New Wave", with the theme of "colorful Rhyme", focuses on the art of traditional opera, and invites anchors from many traditional art sections, such as Henan Opera, Jin Opera, Hebei Bangzi, and so on, to show their talents together. let traditional culture lovers say, "this wave of opera is enjoyable" and finally appreciate the charm of Chinese opera.

In the talent show, Wang Mengting gave an affectionate interpretation of the segment "what to look in the Mirror in the Morning" of Beijing Opera "selling Water", which not only became a hot spot for the program, but also proofed the like competition of the joint broadcasting anchors. finally Na brought to the audience in the live studio the classic song "who says Women are not as good as Men" in Henan Opera Mulan, expressing her hope to be as independent and strong as Hua Mulan? Zhang Junbo performed the traditional Jin opera "Xu ze running to the City", conquering the whole audience with his strength.

Lu Huating, on the other hand, showed the singing charm of "Gold Diaolai Silver Medal Xuan" in Hebei Bangzi "Wang Baoyi" with his stunning male costume. In addition, Su Qiaoru and Huang Xiaoli also brought clips of Hebei Bangzi's "Mu Guiying in charge" and Ma Pai's famous drama "Hua Da Chao" respectively, so that the host Xiao Lu sister had to exclaim that "she was repeatedly attracted by everyone's performance." the brothers in the studio also lamented, "Today is really beautiful and beautiful."

In the topic discussion session, the helping guests and five anchors shared their mental process of forming a bond with traditional opera, as well as their favorite opera roles in their hearts. In the interactive game "you are better than I guess", everyone was divided into three groups, and each showed a "fun competition", especially the contrast collision between "dumb King" Zhang Junbo and "Little Blind guess" Lu Huating, which made the brothers happy and cheered.

It is worth mentioning that there are a total of 4 episodes of the first season of "Chinese Art has New". In each event, all Kuaishou users can vote like the supported anchors and like the top two anchors during the live broadcast period, and can get the opportunity to participate in the shooting of Xinhua News Agency's "National Art MV".

Capture the splendor of the world, Kuaishou live broadcast to protect the original heart of traditional culture.

With the rapid rise of live streaming of short videos, Chinese traditional art and culture has been reborn on the Internet. As a short video live broadcast platform with an average daily active users of 387 million, Kuaishou has a large number of traditional cultural practitioners, and the cultural heritage in the station is becoming increasingly rich. Kuaishou watching Chinese art has become a new way for young people to understand and learn traditional culture and art.

As of May 2023, the number of traditional culture anchors on Kuaishou has exceeded 155000, with an average of more than 40,000 traditional culture anchors, including non-relics, broadcasting on Kuaishou every day. In 2022, there have been more than 2000 live broadcasts of non-relics and folk art on Kuaishou platform, including 2.48 million live dramas alone.

At the "National Art New Mountain and Sea Night" party held in September, Kuaishou Live also launched a "National Art inheritance Program", which will support all kinds of traditional cultural anchors in the form of tens of millions of traffic support, up-and-down activities, and the blessing of famous mentors in the industry, so as to promote the rapid growth and innovative inheritance of traditional cultural content in the fertile soil of live broadcasting, so as to provide a better window for the inheritance of traditional culture.

This time, Kuaishou joined hands with Xinhua News Agency to create a live broadcast program of "Chinese Art has a New Wave", so that countless old people have witnessed the breadth and depth of Kuaishou's national art heritage. At the same time, Kuaishou also hopes to make use of the communication channels and high influence of the head central media to increase the platform users and young people's attention to traditional culture. In addition to the special opera show of the first issue of "Huacai Rhyme", "Chinese Art with New fans" will also create a special performance of "melodic fragrance" folk music, "laughing and passing Quyi" Quyi and "gorgeous Chinese dance" in the next few issues, inviting the anchors of various races to bring the carnival craze of Chinese art to fast-hand users.

In the future, Kuaishou Live Broadcasting will uphold the original intention of guarding traditional culture, continue to inherit and carry forward Chinese traditional culture, and continue to provide platforms and resources for the creation and dissemination of traditional cultural content, while promoting the creation of platform content, attract more traditional cultural anchors to "take root" in Kuaishou, helping traditional art to flourish.

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