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Qi Xiaoning, a scientist from Dharma Institute, was elected IEEE Fellow.

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On November 23, IEEE (International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) announced the list of new Fellow members in 2024. Qi Xiaoning, vice president of Alibaba Group and scientist of Dama Institute, was elected because of his "leadership in open source hardware in computer architecture and contribution to the design of overall interconnection systems."

Qi Xiaoning is an internationally renowned expert in the field of semiconductors. He received a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2001. He has been engaged in integrated circuit devices, microprocessors and semiconductor system design for many years. He is currently the head of the RISC-V team at Dharma Institute. He led the team to create RISC-V full-stack technology, from Xuan tie series processors to chip platforms, compilers, tool chains and other software and hardware, realizing the deep adaptation of RISC-V and Android and other mainstream operating systems, and promoting the global ecological development of RISC-V through open source and opening up, and jointly promoting RISC-V to become the international mainstream chip architecture.

Qi Xiaoning actively promotes the development of the semiconductor industry and currently serves as a member of the Advisory Committee and Asia-Pacific leading Committee of the Global Semiconductor Alliance, a member of the CEO Committee of the Global Semiconductor Alliance, a director and financial officer of the board of directors of the RISC-V International Foundation, and the executive director of the Design Branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association. He has also published more than 50 papers and invited reports in top international academic journals and conferences, as well as a work and a chapter of works, and is the reviewer of many of the world's top magazines in the semiconductor field.

IEEE is the most influential electronic technology and information science engineers organization in the world, with more than 400,000 members. Among them, IEEE Fellow is the highest honor awarded to the members of the association, and about 300 are selected every year. The elected persons need to make great contributions to the progress or application of engineering science and technology and bring great value to the society.

Qi Xiaoning, a scientist at ▲ Dharma Institute

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