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When Godson opened its license for the first time, Suzhou Xiongli launched a series of XL63 switching chips based on dragon architecture.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens Cainiao N for the clue delivery! November 24 news, Godson announced that recently, Godson ecological partner Suzhou Xiongli Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiongli Technology") has added new products to the dragon architecture, and the highly integrated three-layer gigabit network switching chip XL63 series integrated with Godson CPU IP has been successfully developed and delivered to the market, and nearly 20 system solutions based on the chip have been formed.

According to reports, this series of chips include XL63111 and XL63228, which can be packaged in FCBGA 672-pin 27*27mm and FCBGA1156-pin 35*35mm. This is the second company besides Godson Zhongke to launch dragon architecture chip products, which marks a big leap forward in the construction of dragon architecture ecology through open authorization.

The XL63 series is a three-layer gigabit network switching chip with low power consumption, high integration and high security independently developed by Xiongli Technology, which supports 28G switching bandwidth, integrates multiple dragon architecture CPU IP cores, integrates up to 24-port Gigabit PHY, and supports QSGMII and SGMII modes.

The XL63 series has layer 2 and layer 3 switching functions, supports NAT / NAPT, supports SYNC-E and IEEE1588V2, and meets the needs of enterprise and industrial Ethernet access services. It is suitable for network application scenarios such as party and government OA, industrial control and commercial communication, inter-board communication and so on.

▲ XL63 series switching chip block diagram smart grid, power automation: used in intelligent substation station control layer and process layer switching equipment.

Device board interconnection application: used for data exchange between devices and modules in the chassis.

Industrial automation signal transmission, traffic, security monitoring and other application scenarios.

Godson Zhongke said that the launch of the XL63 series of switching chips marked a big step forward in the road of building an open information technology system and industrial ecology based on autonomous instruction systems. Through the instruction system and the open license of CPU core IP, Loongxin will join more chip partners to launch chip products based on dragon architecture, forming a "forest of trees" trend of co-building dragon architecture software and hardware ecology.

In addition, the 2023 Godson product release and user conference will be held at 9: 00 on November 28 at Beijing National Convention Center, and the latest 3A6000 domestic processor will be launched. will follow up and report the relevant information as soon as possible.

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