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Beth launches Mingdian's 20000 Ma mobile power supply: comes with dual USB-C lines, supports 30W fast charging, and sells for RMB179

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Beth is currently on the e-commerce platform to launch a new 30W Mingdian mobile power supply, the mobile power supply mainly comes with dual USB Type-C line design, 20000 Ma version to hand price of 179yuan.

According to officials, the mobile power supply supports 30W input and output, one of the two USB Type-C cables supports 30W output / input and the other supports 22.5 W super fast charge. the mobile power supply has a translucent design and has a digital display function.

In addition to two built-in USB Type-C cables, the mobile power supply also has a USB Type-C port (30W input and output) and a USB-Type A port (5V / 3A output, supporting low current mode). comes with the following parameters of this mobile power supply: Bei Siming Power has its own dual Type-C line charging mobile power supply 179 yuan direct link

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