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Beth launched a new USB4 fast charging line: 240W fast charging, 40Gbps plus 8K Magazine 199 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Beth recently launched a new USB4 fast charging line, has been put on the e-commerce platform, the price is 199 yuan. summarizes the parameter information of this data line:

Beth USB4 data line, specifically modeled as CB000068,1 meters long, is wrapped with braided thread and has undergone 10000 pull and bend tests, according to officials.

In terms of performance, the data line has a built-in E-Marker chip, which supports USB4 protocol and 240W fast charging; data supports 40Gbps data transmission speed, according to the official introduction, it takes about 5 seconds to transfer 10G files; and supports 8K 60Hz 7680x4320 resolution video signal transmission. Beisi Type-C fast charging data line 199RMB direct link

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