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TP-LINK 's first Wi-Fi 7 outdoor AP announced: tri-band 13000 Mbps

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, TP-LINK 's first Wi-Fi 7 outdoor AP TL-7HDAP13002TPS easy-to-show version has been announced.

This outdoor AP supports the new generation Wi-Fi 7 protocol, three-band 12-stream design, unlimited speed up to 13000 Mbps;, supports 4K QAM transmission technology, increases data density by 20%, and increases the peak rate of mobile Internet access by 20%. It uses 12 external independent FEM, supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof, supports working temperature from-30 °C to 65 °C, and supports DC, PoE and Passive PoE power supply.

In terms of interface, this outdoor AP is equipped with 10G network port and 10G SFP+ optical port.

According to 's previous report, TP-LINK released six Wi-Fi 7 routers in March this year, which had been planned to go on sale in the second quarter, but so far it has not been available. TP-LINK 's first Wi-Fi 7 routers include BE 6400, BE 7200 and BE 13000. There are 2-band 6-stream, 3-band 6-stream, 2-band 8-stream and 3-band 12-stream options. Wi-Fi 7 protocol is supported in all frequency bands.

In terms of configuration, TP-LINK 's first batch of Wi-Fi 7 routers are equipped with Qualcomm's new generation of industrial Wi-Fi chips, A73 architecture, quad-core 2.2GHz CPU, and will have two specifications: 512MB memory + 128MB flash memory and 2GB memory + 256MB flash memory.

In terms of interface, this series of routers are minimum equipped with double 2.5G network ports, and the highest can be selected with double 10G network ports + four 2.5G network ports.

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