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GB / T 19266 + organic: Wuchang rice 45 yuan 10 jin new coupon (minus 90 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Wutian Food Flagship Store]

The daily selling price of 10 catties of organic rice in Wuchang rice field is 135.9 yuan, and the coupon of 96 yuan will be received when placing an order, and the price will be 39.9 yuan:

Tmall five rice field organic Wuchang rice 5kg 2023 new rice coupon after 45.9 yuan received 90 yuan coupon 2023 new rice, excellent seedling, ecological weeding, delicate taste.

If you don't like this model, there are also the following items in the big promotion:

Tmall Five Rice Fields Five Chang Rice 5kg 2023 New Rice Coupon 39.9 Yuan Ling 50 Yuan Coupon Baby Profile Production Date: September 20, 2023 to October 23, 2023

Brand: Five Rice Fields

Series: Organic Wuchang Rice

Packing: vacuum packing

Net weight: 5kg

Manufacturing License Number: SC10123018401898

Product standard number: GB / T 19266

Factory Name: Heilongjiang Province Wumi Changxiang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Minyi Township, Wuchang City, the former government courtyard

Ingredients list: Rice (Wuyoudao 4, commonly known as Daohuaxiang 2)

Shelf life: 365 days

The official website of the production enterprise Wuchang Rice can be checked: Click here to inquire.

Tmall Five Rice Field Organic Five Chang Rice 5kg 2023 New Rice Coupon 45.9 Yuan Receive 90 Yuan Coupon Tmall Five Rice Field Five Chang Rice 5kg 2023 New Rice Coupon 39.9 Yuan Receive 50 Yuan Coupon

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