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AI digital live broadcast becomes a new trend of cross-border e-commerce Wanxing broadcast helps sellers achieve triple traffic growth

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In the current Ali International Station live room, a special form of live broadcast is springing up everywhere. This kind of live broadcast does not need to build a live room, does not require anchors to be fluent in foreign languages, or even does not need to appear in a real person at all. This is the newly emerging cross-border live broadcast of AI digital people.

Today, AI digital live streaming has given many cross-border merchants who are at the forefront of the times a head start. Chen ran, a seller from Shenzhen, is one of them. She has been engaged in cross-border B2B e-commerce for more than 10 years. Since the beginning of this year, she has used a digital live broadcast tool called "Wanxing Bao" to sell smart water cups, children's toys and other products on Ali International Station. Within a few months, the live data all the way up, making her happy.

So, what is AI digital human cross-border live broadcast? Why is it so popular? What kind of increment can it bring to cross-border sellers?

AI digital live broadcast of "beyond real people" becomes a trend.

"rolled to the list one, too surprised, the number of online has been stable, stay, the view of the field, a record high in an all-round way." Chen ran, who started the cross-border live broadcast of AI digital people this year, revealed that after two months of trying, he is now gradually on the right track. "this is to surpass the rhythm of real people," Chen ran said. Chen ran was delighted with the effect of live broadcast by digital people.

The so-called AI digital person live broadcast, in short, means that cross-border merchants do not need to appear in a real person or set up a live studio, start broadcasting anytime, anywhere, and let AI digital people appear as anchors. Digital people can not only automatically introduce merchandise selling points, but also 7x24 hours of non-stop live broadcast, salesmen can also continue live broadcast late at night to answer customer questions, improve the order acquisition rate, cross-border sellers can turn on the computer to run customers around the world.

Chen ran uses Wanxing Broadcasting (Live version) launched by Wanxing Technology, a listed company of AIGC software A shares, which is a digital live broadcast tool with distinctive AI features, which supports digital live streaming, live streaming, real-time interaction, AI intelligent script, AI translation and other functions, and reconstructs the whole process of cross-border live broadcasting.

Specifically, for cross-border live broadcasting, Wanxing broadcast explosion (live version) has carried out AI transformation of various key links to release brand-new vitality. Including providing 100 + super realistic multi-nationality digital characters for merchants, enabling them to find suitable anchors when facing different regional markets, and providing merchants with a wealth of popular live broadcast templates to adapt to different scenarios and needs. Support AI to intelligently generate multilingual LVB telephony. Merchants can drive digital people in real-time and automatically to respond to audience questions, guide attention, issue coupons, create atmosphere and other interactions, and extend AI capabilities to the full link of digital live streaming.

Chen ran said frankly that she still had doubts when she first used digital people for live streaming. Although she was willing to try new things, she was also worried about the effectiveness of AI digital people live streaming.

In order to help Chen ran dispel doubts, Wanxing broadcast team and Chen ran team watched the live broadcast together, and carried out several rounds of live script optimization, question and answer library optimization, and material optimization. With each iteration, the effect of digital live broadcast is getting better and better each time. Compared with the initial live broadcast data, the number of viewers has increased nearly three times, and the audience stay data has also maintained a steady growth trend.

In Chen ran's view, AI digital live streaming has a natural advantage in B2B e-commerce scenarios. The procurement of B2B cross-border enterprises is different from the personalized live broadcast of entertainment on the C end. This foreign trade live broadcast scene does not have a marketing technique similar to "oh my god Buy it", but emphasizes the introduction of the product itself and the manufacturing capacity of the factory, with more emphasis on the answers and reception about the strength of the company, factory production capacity, product customization, transportation costs and so on.

Therefore, merchants can clearly know the focus of sellers' attention, thus setting fixed answers pertinently. When there is consultation from sellers, digital people can automatically say hello, send business cards, send product catalogs and answer questions, which also gives AI DTV a scene to give full play to its strength.

In such an AI digital man studio, a single shot can link customers around the world, bringing unique value to many cross-border merchants.

Cross-border live broadcast tuyere attacks digital man to help Nuggets around the world

Digital people live broadcast plays an important role in the field of cross-border B2B e-commerce, which is related to the current focus of the development of domestic cross-border e-commerce market.

At present, B2B transactions account for a major share of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Data show that the domestic cross-border e-commerce market is worth 15.7 trillion yuan in 2022, of which cross-border e-commerce B2B transactions account for 75.6%. In addition, it is estimated that by 2025, nearly 80% of global B2B transactions will turn online.

Alibaba's Ali International Station is the world's largest B2B platform for cross-border foreign trade, with more than 1.5 billion registered members and more than 26 million active overseas buyers covering more than 26 million countries and regions around the world. With the rise of live broadcast, a new e-commerce scene, Alibaba International Station has already entered the bureau. In May this year alone, the daily broadcast of Ali International Station increased by 66% compared with the same period last year, and the overall number of buyers for live broadcast increased by 186%.

With the gradual formation of cross-border live broadcast tuyere, how to start broadcasting easily and at a low cost, and how to communicate with customers around the world have become new knowledge that many businesses need to learn quickly. The emergence of AI digital people happens to provide a solution for many merchants who suffer from live streaming.

For example, in order to solve the language problem of communication between merchants and sellers, Wanxing Bao trains the multilingual ability of digital people through AI, and can translate into dozens of languages. Merchants enter Chinese product introductions or live broadcast scripts, which can be automatically converted into English, French, German and other languages, and even unpopular languages can be easily converted, so that the language is no longer sad.

In the cross-border B2B digital live broadcast scene, the reception capacity of merchants is no longer a difficult problem, and ultimately whether it can continue to enlarge the marketing potential energy, it is necessary to expand their customers in the traffic pool. This also brings a new problem, where should the traffic come from?

Digital people live broadcast tools have put forward a solution at the beginning of product design. For example, in addition to being used on Ali International Station, Wanxing Bao (Live version) is also compatible with the capabilities of domestic mainstream e-commerce live streaming platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou and Taobao, as well as emerging overseas e-commerce live broadcast platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, so that sellers can expose on different platforms and establish connections with more potential customers.

Today, cross-border foreign trade has entered the second half of the fierce competition, the days of just putting goods on the shelf and waiting for a deal no longer exist, and digital ability has become a necessary ability for cross-border enterprises to survive. At a time when the AIGC wave is coming, embracing AIGC means embracing the future.

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