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GIMP, an open source tool for image editing, will release version 3.0 in May next year, introducing non-destructive editing and a new API.

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Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery!, November 24 (Xinhua)-- Jehan and ZeMarmot, the maintainer of the open source image processing tool GIMP, have announced a new plan to release GIMP 3.0 at the Libre Graphics conference in May next year, tentatively scheduled for May 9.

In addition, the final version of the GIMP 2 prefix (2.99.xx) development version will be released in December, and a candidate version will be released in a few months' time, and the development of a major version update is expected to be completed in May next year.

According to reports, the reason why the development of new features of GIMP has slowed down in the past few years is that the team has focused on porting GTK3-a huge amount of work. In the upcoming 3.0 release, the software will have a "non-destructive editing" feature (allows users to make changes to the image without overwriting the original image data, which will remain available so that the user can restore it when needed).

Officials said that the following figure is for functional illustration only, and the final version will be different in the interface.

In addition, the 3.0 version of GIMP will also usher in a change to API, and officials say the new API will help make the software more "all-inclusive" in terms of color space and color models, and will add support for more color models.

To ensure the ultimate stability of the software, the team plans to start freezing some features in mid-December while focusing on fixing bug. It is said that there are more than 4000 bug in the software, of which 624 are about crashes. Note: GIMP is a free and open source bitmap image editor for image photo retouching and editing, free drawing, resizing, cropping, photo montage, image format conversion and other professional tasks.

GIMP began in 1995 and can be run on GNU / Linux, MS Windows, macOS and other platforms using GPLv3+,. The extension of the native file format is .xcf.

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