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Gaohe Automobile and Wukong have reached a strategic cooperation: users can test drive HiPhi Y deeply.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., November 24, according to the official WeChat account of Chinese Express, a few days ago, Gaohe and Wukong held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai, and Gaohe HiPhi Y deep test driving experience service has been launched in Wukong App.

▲ Tuyuan China Express official WeChat from now on, Wukong Bank will launch HiPhi Y to platform merchants in popular travel and frequent business travel cities. After the customer places an order, the two service teams will jointly create the customer's "exclusive butler car service group", from car pick-up, car use to car return, providing one-stop full-scene service, and the two sides will also provide door-to-door pick-up service.

According to reports, the cooperation between the two sides aims to create a new scene of "car rental + test driving + self-driving" for users, and to build an exclusive in-depth test-driving experience for Gaohe. In addition to the HiPhi Y model, other subsequent high-tech models will also be on the shelves one after another. query found that users click on the new car test drive on the home page of Wukong car rental App to enter the activity page. The service provides a high-tech HiPhi Y deep test drive for up to three days, which is known as "driving home and driving in all kinds of environments". It supports picking up and sending cars to the store / door-to-door, and feedback the test driving experience after the test drive is completed.

To provide test driving services for car rental users, the cooperation between Gaohe and Wukong can be said to be original.

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