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Will not quit the stage because of NVMe, SAS interface will become the mainstream of HDD hard drives in 2027.

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Shulou( Report--, November 25, NVMe is being promoted as a standard interface for high-speed storage hard drives, but SAS interfaces will still be widely available in the foreseeable future.

Cameron Brett, chairman of STA (SCSI Trade Association), which is currently responsible for developing and maintaining SAS standards, entered the TechLive event in London and mentioned the current challenges facing SAS in his speech.

Brett believes that the SAS interface will not leave the stage of history and has a deep-rooted position in the field of hard disk interconnection.

HP 300GB SAS 15K SFF Hard DriveBrett believes that in 2027, SAS will become the mainstream HDD hard disk interface, although SAS faces the potential impact of being eroded by NVMe, but the huge SAS hard disk will exist for a long time.

Brett believes that the NVMe interface is mainly aimed at flash memory, while the SAS interface is focused on disks.

The next SAS standard currently being developed by STA is 24Gbps, which is expected to be released in 2025 / 2026, continuing the SAS-4 physical layer specification, which means that the speed will not exceed 24 Gbps.

At present, the mainstream SAS standard is SAS-3, using 12Gbps interface bandwidth; STA launched SAS-4 or 24G SAS in 2019 and 2020, and the interface bandwidth has been increased to 24Gbps. The TrendFocus chart shows that most enterprise storage currently uses 12 Gbps SAS interfaces. The chart attached to is as follows:

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