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Word document "electronic handwritten signature", hand-in-hand to teach you

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We often need handwritten signatures when signing some contracts, but if there are a large number of contracts to be signed and each one is handwritten, we don't know when to write it.

So, here teacher Yi teaches you a lazy way, that is, to make an electronic signature, when you want to use it, sign it on the electronic version, and finally print the contract in bulk.

First of all, we prepare a paper signature and take a blank piece of paper.

A black signature.

02. Transfer the signed paper to the Word document, take a picture or scan it to the computer, and insert it into the Word document.

03. Set signature photo We select the signature photo, then enter "format"-"adjust"-"Color", and select "black and white: 50%" coloring effect in "recolor". Then, we make a copy of it, "right"-"paste options:"-"Picture". Finally, delete the first picture and keep the latter one.

04, set to transparent color select the signature photo, enter "format"-"adjust"-"Color"-"set transparent color", at this time, our cursor becomes a pen, we move the pen to the white position on the picture, click on it, you can delete the white background. Then click the small square button on the edge of the picture, "layout options", and set the picture to "float above the text". OK, at this time, our electronic handwritten signature has been made.

05. Save the signature, which has been made. Let's teach you to save the signature so that it can be transferred and used at any time in the future.

Click to select the signature, enter the "document"-"options"-"proofread", click the "autocorrect options" button on the right, and enter a shortcut phrase in the "replace" box. Here, I enter the "electronic signature". Then in the "replace with" next to check "formatted text", click "add"-"OK"-"OK".

06. How can I use an electronic signature when using a signature? We can open the contract where we need to add a signature, and then type the word "electronic signature" in the space (that is, the shortcut phrase we set), and we can immediately generate the signature we have made, adjust the signature to the right size, and drag it to the underline.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Word Technology Alliance (ID:Wordlm123), author: Yi Xuelong

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