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BYD responded to vehicle promotion: the activity is limited to 11 months, non-official reduction, in order to promote "oil to electricity"

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Shulou( Report--, November 25 (Xinhua)-- in response to the previous promotion of online terminals, BYD said today that "this promotion is limited to November, not an official reduction. The purpose of the promotion is to speed up the conversion of oil to electricity," BYD said today, according to BlueKing Finance.

Recently, feedback from BYD dealers shows that the Qin, Han, Tang, Song and other models of the brand Dynasty Network have launched cash concessions ranging from 3000 yuan to 10000 yuan. According to a report by yesterday, domestic car media "Yi che net" received a reply from BYD dealers saying that "the discount news is true and dealers have been notified. It is not clear whether the time-limited preferential policy will last until the end of November."

The news was revealed by Weibo blogger @ Sun Shaojun 09. BYD decided on a new sales policy for additional models in November, it said:

Qin PLUS DM-i (champion version) has an additional subsidy of 5000 yuan, which means that the price of the car will "officially fall below 90,000", starting at 89800 yuan.

The 2005 champion version of the destroyer also subsidizes 5000 yuan

Song Pro, Song Plus DM-i / EV Champion Edition subsidy of 5000 yuan

Additional subsidy of 7000 yuan for Han DM-i and Tang DM-i

Tang DM-i high-end version and Tang EV model is an additional 10000 yuan.

Sun Shaojun said that this policy can be superimposed with previous preferential policies, does not involve sales to the public, "is aimed at other brands." Prior to this, BYD launched a preferential activity of "2000 yuan deduction of 7000 yuan for car purchase", involving Qin PLUS DM-i champion version and destroyer 05 champion version, which is equivalent to an official reduction of 5000 yuan from October 20 to November 30.

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