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Blizzard simplified Chinese official website restored, client can be downloaded normally

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens OC_Formula and masy for the clue delivery!, November 26, although Blizzard officially no longer offers simplified Chinese options, it has recently quietly launched a new simplified Chinese version of Battle. com (, and the national service download page, which has been closed for a long time, can also be reopened (previously, the "zh-cn" suffix page is 404, and apps jump to the Asian server page by default).

The content on the site follows the words used on the previous Jianzhong official website, such as "Watch Vanguard", "return" and "call of Duty: war Zone 2.0".

However, after downloading the client, there is still no option for national service in the application.

According to the actual test of, this page can already be downloaded from desktop application, but both the Mac version and the mobile version point to an empty page. In addition, Battle. net App also made an update a few days ago, and iOS players support naked companies, and some players suspect that the new version of client is already under testing.

After Microsoft completed its acquisition of Blizzard, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra said that Chinese mainland has many players who love Blizzard games, and Blizzard hopes to spread its games all over the world, including the Chinese market. This makes many players have new expectations for the return of national service.

It is worth mentioning that the icon in the upper left corner of the simplified Chinese official website points to the website, which will jump to after clicking, but all .cn domain names cannot be opened.

Similarly, the Desktop Application details Page ( cannot be opened; pages such as Privacy policies ( are displayed and maintained. In addition, other links point to either traditional Chinese pages or English pages.

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