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Huawei Hongmeng native App is expected to add three more: Baidu, WPS and flight butler will start recruiting related positions.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, Nali Yiyang, Sinner clue delivery! November 26 news, according to partners today's contribution feedback, a number of companies have recently begun Hongmeng native application-related recruitment work. Data from major recruitment platforms show that Baidu, WPS and flight butler have been online for the relevant positions in Hongmeng.

Among them, Baidu search product research and development department launched the post of "Hongmeng system App R & D engineer", mainly responsible for Baidu search Hongmeng system version of App research and development work, need to have 1 year or more work experience, familiar with ArkTS and other HarmonyOS application development language or Java / Android and other development language and technology.

Jinshan WPS side, is in the recruitment of WPS Office mobile senior product manager, the job description mentioned "to participate in the planning of WPS in Hongmengduan demand landing." The position offered by the flight butler is "Hongmeng Senior Development engineer", which requires "more than 3 years of Hongmeng system application development experience", "proficient in Hongmeng system development tools" and so on.

According to 's previous report, Seven Cats free novel App has also recently launched the position of "Hongmeng Development". Candidates need to have more than 3 years of Android / iOS development experience, and those with Hongmeng system App development experience, client daily active App development experience and comprehensive client system performance optimization experience are preferred.

As of press time, the list of App that has announced the launch of Hongmeng native application development is as follows: (version 1.0 was released on July 9, 2021)

Same trip (started)

Happy Xiaoxiaole (completed)

Meituan (started)

Where to (started)

Sina Weibo, Sina News (launched)

Graphite document (completed)

Nailing (started)

Flight is always accurate (activated)

Little Red Book (completed)

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