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Anker SOLIX C1000 portable outdoor power supply: 1056Wh power / 58 minutes full, get 3999 yuan

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Thanks to netizen very homely very afraid of the clue delivery! November 26 news, Anker in Tmall flagship store on the shelf of a new outdoor power supply SOLIX C1000, will be on sale at 19:00 on November 27, the initial price of 3999 yuan. summarizes the product details as follows:

The outdoor power supply capacity is 1056Wh, the maximum output voltage is 220V, the maximum output power is 1800W, the built-in so-called "automobile grade" lithium iron phosphate battery is equipped with 9 interfaces, and it supports supplying power to 9 devices at the same time.

The product can also be upgraded to 2400W on the basis of rated power of 1800W. It is equipped with BMS intelligent system, which can provide overvoltage, overcurrent, overdischarge, overload, high/low temperature, short circuit, battery protection, etc.

In terms of battery, the product can be fully charged in 58 minutes under 1300W super fast charge state, and it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge under 1000W normal fast charge state. In addition, it can be fully charged in 1.8 hours with 600W solar panels and in 10.5 hours with 120W car charging.

In addition, the product supports an additional battery pack, which officials say can double the battery life to 2112Wh.

In terms of interface, the product is equipped with 9 interfaces including 1 vehicle charging port, 2 USB-C ports (100W / 30W), 4 AC ports (single port maximum 1800W), 2 USB ports, and LED lighting.

The product has a matching mobile App that enables super fast charging, battery status viewing, Bluetooth remote control and firmware upgrades.

Tmall Anker SOLIX C1000 portable outdoor power coupon after 3999 yuan get 1000 yuan coupon

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