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Lenovo Amu: AI PC immediately associates

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The great leap of the big model, the change of the times caused by generative AI technology, is becoming a hot topic in the industry.

On November 25, at the 2023 Tiger sniff Fairm Innovation Festival, many important people from the industry shared a variety of applications based on large models. Ablikim Abulimiti, vice president of Lenovo Group and vice president of strategy and business development in China (hereinafter referred to as "Amu"), also delivered an important speech on "AI PC: the first Terminal of Puhui, a National people's Congress Model".

Ah Mu believes that the so-called large models are public models pre-trained based on public databases, which provide basic reasoning services that do not involve personal privacy data, not individual AI. In order for everyone to have their own AI, we need to build a model of the people's Congress. However, the establishment, deployment and application of the individual model is not an easy task. it needs terminals that can carry out multimodal natural language interaction, carry complex general scene functions, have strong local intelligent computing power, and provide large enough, trusted and secure personal data storage and protection functions. Generally speaking, so far, the best terminal that can meet this series of requirements is PC.

"when AI meets PC, it's like Beijing meets Seattle, it's a natural match." Amu said that AI PC will become the first terminal of AI Pratt & Whitney represented by a large personal model, taking the lead in bringing an epoch-making AI innovation experience. At the scene, he vividly interpreted the three roles played by AI PC in the future work, study and life scenes, namely, exclusive assistant, personal secretary and equipment butler, such as helping workers create PPT in line with personal style and requirements and integrating personal knowledge in the work scene, and quickly revise and improve it through natural language interaction. In the learning scene, we create exclusive learning plans according to students' historical learning and homework records, academic performance and teaching requirements, and teaching materials, and provide "private teaching" guidance at any time through natural language interaction. Accompany gamers in life scenes, provide strategies in line with personal game style, and take the initiative to provide "off-site guidance", and so on. " AI PC, perhaps the first time PC has really had an evolutionable life since it was named a computer, the more it accompanies, the more like and understand you. "

In the future, AI PC will be everyone's "personal AI assistant" (Personal AI Twin), and it will set off a new round of change. Amu called on industrial partners to open up and cooperate to jointly promote the inclusive development of the individual National people's Congress model and the introduction of AI PC as soon as possible. As the founder and leader of AI PC, Lenovo will also bring artificial intelligence technology to everyone and every enterprise through AI PC, so that AI will become everyone's personal assistant and personal partner.

Ablikim Abulimiti, vice president of ▲ Lenovo Group and vice president of strategy and business development in China, rejects instrumentality. AI PC is the first terminal of the people's Congress model.

At present, the public large model is developing rapidly, and it takes only a few months to complete the transition from 10 billion parameter model to 100 billion parameter model. Everyone is shocked by the big model, at the same time, it is also becoming a "tool" for the training of the big model. Every interaction of everyone provides the basis for the evolution of the big model, while the AI ability of the individual is ignored.

At present, a new view is emerging in the industry, that is, to reject instrumentality is not only to complete the iteration of the public model, but also to create a personal AI. As a result, the development of hybrid artificial intelligence has become an inevitable trend: in addition to public large models, it is also necessary to build exclusive individual large models and enterprise large models in order to make AI benefit everyone and every enterprise.

PC is the first terminal that carries the model of Pratt & Whitney. Amu analysis believes that after carefully cutting, distilling, compressing and fine-tuning hundreds of billions of large models, the individual model can still achieve all the functions of the large model on the scale of tens of billions of parameters, which is also characterized by pure natural language interaction, general AI ability, strong intelligent computing dependence, strong personal data input and output, and so on. In order to effectively carry these characteristics, PC has innate advantages. Among the many terminals that carry large personal models, the PC is by far the most capable of modal interaction and the most full-scene product. At the computing level, it is also the device with the highest performance configuration that an individual can have, and it is also a device that stores personal security and privacy to the maximum extent.

Amu said that PC is the computing platform with the richest interactive functions, which can achieve both voice and posture interaction, as well as a wide enough touch, different forms of keyboard and mouse, and even other input methods. In addition, in terms of full scene hosting, A Mu said: "in the past decade, the main task of mobile phones is to consume content, but when it comes to the ability to create content, it is probably still PC. At present, PC is still the best personal terminal, which can both consume and generate content."

At the same time, PC's open architecture can easily embed more powerful chips, including the latest CPU, GPU, and NPU, thus forming a hybrid AI computing power. So far, the PC is still the terminal device with the highest performance configuration that an individual can have, and it can provide sufficient computing power for large-scale personal large-scale model reasoning. Moreover, when people save private data and a large number of documents, PC can provide greater and more secure protection, which is why more people prefer computers when saving personal private data.

Amu said that PC is still by far the most powerful local secure storage terminal product. "We have always heard that mobile phone data are backed up to computers, but we rarely hear of people backing up computer data to mobile phones, which proves that computers are currently the most trusted terminal that everyone can hold."

Create exclusivity, AI PC opens an epoch-making innovation experience

AI PC will open up an epoch-making innovative experience and is the best carrier for personal AI. Amu said that AI PC will usher in an era of people's Congress models, allowing AI to benefit everyone.

AI PC will perfectly combine the large personal model with PC, break the traditional application model, and bring epoch-making innovative experience to users in work, study, life and other aspects. AI PC can provide a variety of services such as personal creation, personal service and equipment butler, playing the three key roles of assistant, secretary and butler, bringing unlimited possibilities to work, study, life and other scenes.

In the work scene, with the help of personal large models and local knowledge base, AI can fully liberate workers, help workers to automatically complete PPT and other professional document creation, and greatly improve work efficiency. In addition to PPT, AI can also use natural language interaction to help users deal with other document processing needs in their daily work, such as copywriting, documents, Excel forms, and so on. After many interactions with the personal model, it will understand the user's work style and requirements better than the secretary, and become the most inseparable personal comrade-in-arms.

In the learning scene, AI PC can supplement and transfer the corresponding public teaching resources according to the children's learning history, interests and teaching requirements to form a personalized learning plan. AI PC can also become a "personal tutor" for children, providing "private tutoring" through natural language interaction, making children's learning more interesting, more personalized and more efficient. At the same time, AI PC can also form phased learning situation analysis according to students' learning situation and performance, and provide learning suggestions and feedback.

In the life scene, AI PC can enrich the game entertainment experience and help e-sports enthusiasts become the number one player. In the game scene, AI PC can incarnate "Coach e-sports" and undertake the functions of game analysis, game review and real-time guidance with the support of the big model, so as to provide more accurate game strategies and tactical suggestions for e-sports players. In the life scene, AI PC can also deal with all kinds of complex things in life, such as making and dealing with personal travel plans, fully demonstrating the charm of AI PC personal secretarial service.

"through powerful hybrid AI computing power, advanced personal models, natural language interfaces, open AI application ecology and trusted local data security protection, AI PC can help users create and handle a lot of tedious personal tasks, thus giving us more time and energy to do more creative things," Amu said.

The AI PC of the future is the personal AI Assistant (Personal AI Twin). "the perfect combination of AI PC and personal models may give PC an evolutionable life for the first time since it was named a computer. The more AI PC is with you, the more you will understand your needs and preferences, the more like you, the more I understand you." Amu asserts that the new role played by AI PC will take an innovative step in the field of artificial intelligence, providing a more intelligent, convenient and personalized innovative user experience, which is of epoch-making significance.

Immediately associate, AI PC calls for open ecology

Faced with such an epoch-making opportunity, Amu calls on users and industry, "AI PC immediately associate", to jointly achieve AI PC's innovative products and brand-new experience.

In his speech, A Mu combed the three waves of innovation of IT technology, each of which is inseparable from the benefits of PC to the latest technology. For the first time, since the 1980s, computing technology and software technology have experienced the evolution from mainframe to miniaturization and graphics. PC has assumed the important task of computing and entered thousands of households. The second time is at the turn of the century, network technology and mobile communication technology have begun the wave of networking and mobility of terminal equipment. PC has once again become the first portable terminal connected to the global Internet network, sharing the important task of inclusive content and mobile technology with mobile phones. In these two waves of technology inclusion, Lenovo has performed well. In the first wave, Lenovo launched domestic brand computers and won the top of domestic PC in the 1990s; in the second wave, Lenovo pioneered Internet computers (Tianxi), developed notebook computers worldwide, and won the top of global PC in 2012.

At present, in the third technology wave, AI large model algorithm has made a major breakthrough, the development momentum is unstoppable, similar to the first two waves, the next step is to change AI from a public product owned by a small number of institutions to an exclusive product that really benefits everyone, in order to completely release the great potential of large model technology. With the courage to stand at the top of the trend in the previous two waves, Lenovo is highly expected to continue to take on the important task of creating and leading the AI PC era, so that the AI model and PC are deeply integrated, so that AI really benefits everyone.

"AI PC, immediately associate. I'm afraid it's not Lenovo in Lenovo, but it's time for you to associate. Imagine a new combination of artificial intelligence and intelligent computing, what kind of different experience can be created? With the help of AI PC, everyone can get rid of the complicated routine work, get rid of the inner volume, do more creative things, free up more personal time, spend more time with their families, and enjoy the beauty of life. " Amu is convinced that AI PC is a product full of infinite possibilities and worthy of everyone's expectation.

AI PC needs the cooperation of the industry. Large model manufacturers, chip manufacturers, application manufacturers and terminal manufacturers should work together to build an open ecology, closely grasp the opportunities of the AI era, and promote the universal benefits and development of AI PC together, so that everyone and every enterprise can enjoy the convenience and fun brought by intelligence. Amu finally revealed that the AI PC Industry Innovation Forum will be held at the Lenovo Group headquarters in December, when chip manufacturers, model manufacturers and application manufacturers will be invited to discuss the bright future of AI PC.

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