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Bilibili reached a cooperation with Huawei to officially launch Hongmeng native application development.

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Recently, bilibili and Huawei announced that they had reached a comprehensive cooperation in the field of Hongmeng and officially launched Hongmeng native application development. Bilibili will make full use of HarmonyOS's unique full-scene distributed experience, native intelligence, pure security, and large model AI interaction to provide users with more innovative experiences.

Group photo at the signing ceremony

After more than a decade of development, bilibili, as a video community with a high concentration of young people, has nearly 100 million daily active users. Around users, creators and communities, bilibili has built an ecosystem that continuously produces high-quality content, covering thousands of categories and circles, such as life, games, fashion, knowledge, music and so on.

Li Junfeng, head of bilibili's user growth department, said: "bilibili will work with Huawei to continuously increase investment in new technologies, provide users with smoother, smarter and more secure native Hongmeng applications, and innovate the user experience. I believe that with the conclusion of bilateral cooperation, more young people will have the opportunity to enter the 'Hongmeng world'.

Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, said: "welcome bilibili to join Hongmeng Ecology. Each partner is the co-founder and protagonist of Hongmeng Ecology. Based on rich full-scene equipment, Huawei will bring bilibili's rich high-quality content to users in an advanced, simple and convenient way, and continue to tap new traffic and new business space. Huawei will also provide end-to-end Hongmeng development and enabling kits to reduce the cost of Hongmeng application adaptation. "

Data show that as of August this year, the number of Hongmeng ecological equipment has exceeded 700 million, more than 2.2 million developers have invested in Hongmeng ecological development, and the recent daily registration has been more than 10,000. Since Huawei announced that the new Hongmeng HarmonyOS NEXT is ready to launch and Hongmeng native applications are fully launched, important partners in various industries have actively embraced Hongmeng, and the vigorous scene of "Hongmeng Qianfan" has been formed.

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