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Analysis firm: programmers are gradually using AI to assist programming, and 16% of related workers use open source models

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Shulou( Report--, November 27 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- Analytics firm O'Reilly recently released a "2023 Generative AI in the Enterprise" report, which points out that generative AI is experiencing unprecedented rapid popularity, and programmers are actively using AI as their own tool.

It is reported that the report covers a total of 4782 questionnaires received from September 14, 2023 to September 23, 2023, of which 2857 respondents answered all the questions, and 74% of the respondents were from Europe and the United States. collates the report as follows

54% of respondents expect that the biggest benefit of AI is increased productivity

Seventy-seven percent of respondents used AI to assist in programming.

66 per cent of respondents expected that programming with AI would be the "most needed skill" for future developers.

Twenty-five percent of respondents believe that AI can speed up the learning process.

26% of the respondents have AI for less than a year, and 18% of them have taken the lead in using AI in practical work.

16% of respondents working on AI said they were using the open source model.

In addition, O'Reilly said that ChatGPT is the most popular AI search tool, followed by Bing and Google Bard, while GitHub Copilot is the most popular developer search tool.

But at the same time, there are still some problems in the practical application of generative AI technology, and the biggest factor hindering the development of AI is the "legal problem". In addition, the solution obtained through AI may also cause damage in terms of conception and implementation.

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