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Rewrite the trend lifestyle Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 starts the wonderful journey of folding screen

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When you pass through the subway gate, you can swipe through the outer screen; when you connect to the video call, the vertical interaction mode makes the communication smoother; in the process of selecting good things for online shopping, you can calmly compare the price between the double-open live room and the e-commerce platform on the inner screen. These experiences, which are difficult for us to get in traditional straight-board phones, can be said to be basic on Samsung's flagship Galaxy Z Flip5 folding screen this year. It has a unique form and innovative functions, and through the different angles of the fuselage, it brings users more wonderful experiences to rewrite their way of life.

Whether it's a daily commute or a city stroll, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 can meet your trendy and portable needs. Thanks to the new generation of super-closed Seiko hinges, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5's closed shape is seamless and thin and delicate, coupled with a simple and stylish design style, so that users can not only show their personality and taste at any time, but also easily control the 3.4-inch intelligent outer screen with one hand to get a convenient interactive experience.

With the blessing of this large-field intelligent outer screen, users can view more complete notifications and information without expanding the inner screen, and can reply using full keyboard input. With the help of a variety of widgets, users can not only quickly browse the weather, calendar, itinerary and other content, but also add third-party applications to improve the playability of the external screen. For example, open Amap navigation destination; run KuGou music to listen to the collection of playlists; use the debris time to browse Weibo, Douyin, moments. By kneading the outer screen with both fingers, users can also use the nine-grid view to switch App directly, making the operation more simple and efficient. In addition, when faced with scenarios such as scanning code payment and swiping a card through access control, users can also slide down the off-screen to open Samsung wallet and pull up the treasure QR code or bound card to complete these operations.

In today's daily life, images have become an indispensable part. The flexible imaging system of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 not only brings professional imaging effect, but also further expands the creative boundary, allowing users to capture inspiration and creativity anytime and anywhere. For example, when a user signs in at a crowded scenic spot, just double-click the power button to activate the outer screen snapshot function, and the outer screen can be used as a frame of view, using a wide-angle main shot or ultra-wide-angle lens to freeze high-definition photos.

Not only that, relying on the hinges that support multi-angle rotation, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5's vertical free-form shooting breaks the traditional selfie mode, allowing users to better record life with a unique lens language. When taking a group photo at a party, users do not have to raise their phone and struggle to find the right shooting angle, just fold the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to 90 °and put it on the table, they can completely liberate their hands and complete the interesting photo shoot with their friends. When you go out to make a film alone, users do not have to carry a heavy tripod and set the phone to 75 °to form an elevation angle in front of the body, which can produce a great visual impact. When recording video, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 can change the DV machine in a second, so that users can not only change angles freely between 75 °- 115 °, but also lock the subject firmly through the automatic composition function, and shoot video works that take into account both expressiveness and fluency.

For casual TV series, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 turns into an entertainment weapon. In the 115 °vertical interaction mode, users can put their mobile phones in positions such as pillows and coffee tables to watch movies more comfortably. At the same time, users can also control the upgraded vertical interactive touchpad in the lower half of the screen to easily adjust video progress, sound or screen brightness to achieve an immersive experience of uninterrupted content playback. In addition, users can put their phone on a yoga mat or treadmill and make full use of their leisure time through the high-energy operation of "exercising while chasing drama".

Fully unfolded Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5,6.7 inch second-generation dynamic AMOLED display with outstanding picture quality performance, can bring an excellent viewing experience. Supplemented by a peak brightness of up to 1750 Nitts, the screen can always maintain a clear and bright picture without fear of outdoor strong light, allowing users to miss any exciting content. In addition, with the help of 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate and the second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy), users can also gallop in the game world.

As the flagship benchmark of the vertical folding screen, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 gives more creativity and possibility to scene applications through different folding angles. In the unique differentiated experience, users can not only really feel the convenience and efficiency brought by folding screen mobile phones, but also rely on a variety of novel games to unlock the trend of life full of the future.

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