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Shanghai Economic and Information Commission: the news that the green card will be suspended next year is not true, and relevant policies will be released in the near future.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 27, according to news reports, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission responded to the reporter on the recent news that "Shanghai new energy licenses will be suspended at the end of the year": this information was taken by individual netizens out of context, and the green card policy for 2024 will be officially released in the near future.

Previously on on November 26, some netizens posted a screenshot of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission on the social platform with an accompanying article saying that "Shanghai has officially made it clear that pure electric models will stop sending green cards at the end of this year" and that "the countdown is 36 days, as soon as possible." However, some netizens questioned the hype of car salespeople and said it was a plot that "comes once a year".

According to the report, the screenshot that appeared on the social platform was actually the relevant content of the consultation on New Energy license Application issued by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission on November 10. The original text goes like this:

Whether the issuance of free licenses will be extended or not will need to wait for the new policy notice in the second half of the year. Please pay attention to the release of documents on the official website of the Economic and Information Commission and wait patiently. If the distribution is due by the end of this year, the application for qualification examination and vehicle information confirmation should be completed and approved by December 31, 2023.

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