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OPPO lifecycle empower developers to build a new application and service ecology

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With the continuous evolution and innovation of AI artificial intelligence and 5G technology, the intelligent scenarios in the field of application services are becoming more and more abundant. OPPO, as the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer, recently held the 2023 OPPO developer Conference, with the theme of "sharing change and shared wisdom" as the theme, conducted in-depth discussions around the two major ecology of applications and services, and brought new ideas for the development, operation and distribution of developers on the terminal platform.

In recent years, the per capita number of apps installed by Android users has stabilized, and users have focused more on the security and experience of app use. How to create a stable and excellent application experience with high efficiency and low cost to achieve sustainable development has become the focus of developers recently. With the development momentum of OPPO globalization, the sales of mobile phones have been growing steadily, and the number of high-end high-quality users is also increasing. The value of OPPO in the Internet service ecology is becoming more and more important. In order to further enhance the mobile user experience and continuously build multiple business scenarios for developers, OPPO has newly upgraded the cloud testing service capability and built a professional mobile laboratory. The test model can cover more than 95% of OPPO users, and the system version spans Android 5 to Android 14, solving the problem that developers are unable to fully verify application compatibility due to incomplete test models. At the same time, OPPO also provides a variety of automated testing capabilities, developers can choose their own test types and models according to business scenarios. In terms of access, OPPO provides a variety of access methods, such as web page, API, ADB direct connection and so on.

For developers, OPPO's powerful service platform can bring a lot of promotion resources and a large user base for developers. In the environment where the growth rate of application distribution is slowing down, OPPO can provide developers with more effective user access and retention paths. OPPO Software Store brings new capabilities such as playing while playing, unloading recall, login-free, differential update packages and so on. According to official figures, the OPPO software store currently has 250 million monthly active users and 18 billion monthly distributions.

In addition, OPPO has created a new distribution form of "ubiquitous services" for developers, so that mobile phone users can enjoy a more intelligent service and content interaction experience. Ubiquitous service, in the form of card flow, combines Pantanal's situational awareness and the central brain of intelligent algorithms to actively push the service he wants to the user at the right time. Through high-exposure service prompts such as negative screen, desktop cloth suggestion, notification center, status bar capsule and so on, users can click on the card to jump to the corresponding application or service page to improve the access ability of all kinds of application services.

At present, OPPO Services Ecology has launched 300 + services, and the daily exposure of more than 40 services is more than 10 million, contributing more than 1 million daily active users to developers in various fields. In 2024, OPPO will invest 2 billion resources to support the service ecology, including traffic, marketing, hardware, commerce and other aspects, to comprehensively help developers tap new growth momentum and achieve efficient access and realization of content and services.

Over the years, OPPO has been constantly strengthening the exploration and innovation of technology. Through the exploration and development of new technologies, new services and new fields, we will work with many developers to create an open ecology of OPPO, achieve a win-win situation, and seize the commanding heights of the future trend.

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