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The power semiconductor market slows, with Chinese mainland companies turning to 12-inch wafers and IGBT transistors

2024-02-21 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--, November 28, according to the latest report released by Jibang Consulting, under the background of the deceleration of the power semiconductor market, Chinese mainland enterprises have sought breakthroughs in the 12-inch wafer and IGBT fields, and have made brilliant achievements.

Revenue growth in China's well-known wafer foundry such as SMIC, Huahong Semiconductor, Hefei Crystal Integrated Circuit (Nexchip) and Shaoxing SMIC (SMEC) slowed in the first half of 2023.

Among them, only Huahong's revenue increased slightly, while SMIC, Crystal Integration and SMIC's revenue decreased by 19.29%, 50.43% and 24.08% respectively compared with the same period last year. Due to the downturn in the consumer electronics, PC and communications markets, the overall performance of Chinese fabs is entering a downward cycle.

Figure source: Shaoxing SMIC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In the first half of 2023, Huahong's discrete device revenue increased by 33.04% compared with the same period last year, but the growth rate was lower than that in the same period in 2022.

The number of listed power semiconductor companies in the top 10 with negative revenue growth increased from 1 in 2022 to 4, and the number of companies with negative net profit growth increased from 1 to 8.

Although overall growth has slowed, IGBT has become an important driver of power semiconductors.

Shilan Wei, China Resources Micro and other companies have begun to mass-produce IGBT,IGBT business rapid growth. In addition, Wentai Technology is entering the field of IGBT. It is worth noting that from January to July 2023, a total of 17 IGBT projects were launched or signed, with a total investment of more than 15 billion yuan, indicating the rapid expansion of Chinese enterprises in the field of IGBT.

China's major power semiconductor manufacturers are transitioning from 8-inch to 12-inch wafers. It is worth noting that Huahong has implemented a 12-inch production capacity and the expansion of the second phase of Wuxi project is under way. In June 2023, SMIC's third phase of the 12-inch special process wafer production line produced 10000 wafers for the first time. In the field of IDM, Wentai Technology, Silan, Huarun Micro and other companies are actively building 12-inch wafer plants, some of which have been put into operation.

Discrete devices generally refer to all the basic circuit components with a single function, such as transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc., in a narrow sense, discrete devices are especially made of semiconductor materials, which are restricted by function, volume and technology. can not be integrated into the basic components of a single functional circuit.

Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is an ideal transistor for high voltage and high current applications. Rated from 400V to 2000V and current rating from 5A to 1000A (* 1), the IGBT is widely used in industrial applications (e.g. inverter systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)), consumer applications (e.g. air conditioners and induction cookers), and in-vehicle applications (e.g. electric vehicle (EV) motor controllers).

The original address of the report is attached to, which can be read in depth by interested users.

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