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Microsoft Teams upgrade Updates application: simplify the reporting process, export to Excel, etc.

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Shulou( Report--, November 28, Microsoft today issued a press release announcing the introduction of new features for Updates applications in Microsoft Teams, which will help simplify tasks such as employee reporting. translates some of the Microsoft blog posts as follows:

In order to help users better discover the value of Updates applications and simplify the team reporting process, we have upgraded the appearance and user experience of the product. This makes it easier to communicate the value and applicable scenarios of the product, while simplifying the process of creating requests and submitting reports.

The Updates app in Microsoft Teams also adds an export feature that allows users to submit and send all collected Updates content to an Excel spreadsheet.

Microsoft says that by introducing the export to Excel feature, it can make it easier for users to analyze the data and share Excel content with colleagues or others.

Teams also allows staff to "like" and comment on "Updates" apps submitted by others. The blog points out that these specific functions are designed to "promote teamwork and improve productivity".

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