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Science and technology 1128 last night this morning: byte jump Guanxuan shrank game business on a large scale; Xiaomi Redmi K70 / Pro real machine was exposed; Tesla responded to the 11-car crash in Chengdu that the braking system pipeline was damaged aft

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Hello, everyone. It's Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. One plus 12 press conference will be held at 14:30 on December 5, Li Jie: product power surpasses all Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile phone Pro version. Li Jie, president of one plus China, said in a post that the first goal since the establishment of the one plus 12 project is to surpass the Pro version of all Snapdragon 8gen3 phones. Li Jie announced that one plus 12 has achieved its product power goal-"one, that is, all. Its product power can surpass all Pro models!" > > View details

2. Tesla asked the female car owner of the "brake failure" incident to pay 5 million compensation, and will continue to appeal on November 22, Tesla v. "Shanghai Auto Show incident" Xi'an female car owner reputation right infringement case, the court made a judgment of first instance, finding that Xi'an Li's reputation tort liability is established, she must make a public apology to Tesla and compensate 2000 yuan, and bear 20, 000 yuan vehicle appraisal fee at the same time. It has been identified that there is no braking problem in the vehicle involved.

Tesla asked Ms. Li for 5 million yuan in compensation in the first instance, but the award was only 2000 yuan, according to China Newsweek. Tesla said on November 27 that the incident had caused huge losses to him, with judicial assessment agencies assessing Tesla's loss of orders and goodwill as high as hundreds of millions of yuan. Tesla said he would appeal. > > View details

4. Huawei and Sharp signed a long-term global patent cross-license agreement, covering 4G and 5G and other Huawei websites issued an announcement on November 27, Huawei and Sharp announced the signing of a new long-term global patent cross-license agreement on the same day. The protocol covers the necessary patents of cellular standards, including 4G and 5G. > > View details

5. Engineers provided network technical services for overseas spyware and were administratively punished in accordance with the law. The official account of the Ministry of State Security released the news on November 27th. At present, with the rapid popularization and deepening of the application of network technology in our country, the network technology service industry has become a new target for overseas espionage agencies to infiltrate secrets, evade our network security supervision and protection system, and carry out cyber espionage. > > View details

6. Realme true self GT5 Pro mobile phone launch reservation: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 + IMX890 telephoto, release of realme true self GT5 Pro mobile phone on December 7 appointment will be released at 14:00 on December 7. Realme True GT5 Pro launches Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and IMX890 long focus, which is combined with Rainbow soft algorithm. For the first time in the industry, the long focus end supports master level DOL-HDR and multi-frame selection to achieve ultra-high dynamic range HDR effect. > > View details

7. Xiaomi Redmi K70 / Pro real machine exposure: the back texture is clearly visible, right-angle middle frame with micro-arc body Redmi K70 series mobile phones will be officially released on November 29, and now its standard version and Pro version are suspected to be exposed on the network. From the photos shared by the blogger @ passerby, the Redmi K70 / Pro clear and snow colors and ink feather colors are both textured and clearly visible. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a central single-hole straight screen, and the screen frame is well controlled. > > View details

8. Tesla responded to the 11-car collision accident in Chengdu: the braking system pipeline was damaged and could not brake normally after the vehicle collision. Recently, the Chengdu Tesla 11-car collision accident caused three people to be slightly injured and multiple vehicles were damaged. Tesla said that the collision in the video is not the first collision, in fact, after the first collision, the vehicle's "multi-collision brake" function was triggered, so the brake lights were seen on in the video. Background data also show that the driver did not step on the brake pedal within 2 seconds after the collision in the video. > > View details

9. More than 26 million "sky-high prices" follow-up: the bidder has not yet contacted the payment and delivery of the subject matter. Recently, a mobile phone number ending with "999999" set the highest auction price in the country at a judicial auction held by the court of Jiangsu Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone. As high as 26.145892 million yuan. In response, contacted a third-party auction company today, who said that the deadline for payment had not yet arrived, and the bidder had not yet contacted the company about payment and delivery of the subject matter. > > View details

10. Dell responded to rumors such as "the supply chain will leave China": from the beginning of this year, there have been rumors that "Dell's supply chain will withdraw from China". Dell engaged in "de-Sinochem" and has made plans to reduce domestic production and purchase domestic chips and parts year by year, and later even spread the news that "Dell wants to withdraw from China completely". Dell has kept a low profile and declined to comment on the rumors.

"We have never released any of these so-called 'messages' or 'comments'," said Wu Dongmei, senior vice president of Dell Worldwide. Dell's global code of conduct is not to comment on rumors. > > View details

11. Bill Gates: GPT-5 will not be much better than GPT-4. Generative AI has reached its limit. Bill Gates said recently that many people inside OpenAI, including Altman, believe that GPT-5 will be significantly better than GPT-4. But he believes that there are many reasons to believe that the current generative artificial intelligence has reached its limit. > > View details

13. SARFT: the default setting of the CATV terminal system should be "boot into full-screen live broadcast". SARFT recently issued a notice on three radio and television and network audio-visual industry standards, including "Technical requirements for Cable TV Business". Cable TV terminals are required to provide two "boot mode" options: "boot into full-screen live broadcast" and "boot into the interactive home page of prominent live broadcast channels". The default setting of the system should be "boot to full-screen LVB". > > View details

14. Byte Jump official announced: large-scale contraction of the game business, retention of some innovative game exploration byte jump announced on November 27: its game business will shrink on a large scale-- for games that are already online and performing well, it will seek divestiture under the condition of ensuring operation; for projects that have not yet been launched, except for a small number of innovative projects and related technical projects, will be closed. > > View details

15. Changan Automobile: Huawei's proposed new company will not build cars, and the signing of the transaction document is expected to be completed within 6 months. Changan Automobile and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Investment Cooperation on November 25. After consultation between the two sides, Huawei plans to set up a company engaged in the research, design, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent systems and components solutions, and Changan Automobile plans to invest in the target company and carry out strategic cooperation. > > View details

Bilibili reached cooperation with Huawei and officially launched Hongmeng native application development bilibili and Huawei announced that they had reached a comprehensive cooperation in Hongmeng field and officially launched Hongmeng native application development. As of August this year, the number of Hongmeng ecological equipment has exceeded 700 million, more than 2.2 million developers have invested in Hongmeng ecological development, and the recent daily registration has been more than 10,000. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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