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Microsoft enables new domain name for enterprise users of web version of Outlook

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Shulou( Report-- Nov 28, Aaron Junker, an external Windows Insider MVP member of Microsoft PowerToys team, recently tweeted that Microsoft has added a new domain name to the web version of Outlook, and users can open the link to access it.

Microsoft issued a press release in April this year, announcing the introduction of the domain name to unify Microsoft 365 applications and services. Note: currently, personal accounts will continue to use domain name addresses, while Azure Active Directory (AAD) account settings will use the new URL.

Microsoft says the move will reduce fragmentation, enhance the overall user experience, and put authentication and customer-facing services under a unified domain.

The new domain has several benefits, such as a simplified user experience. It reduces login prompts, redirects, and complexity. In addition, Microsoft has a ".microsoft" domain that allows for strict security protocols and governance controls, thereby enhancing security.

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