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The skit track is developing rapidly, and the first Chinese skit Globalization Summit will be held in Beijing.

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Recently, the short play market is very busy. One is called "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! Domestic live-action interactive video games have become popular, with revenue exceeding 10 million in a short period of time. In the same period abroad, ReelShot, an overseas skit platform launched by Chinese online subsidiary Crazy Maple Studio in August 2022, continues to rise in popularity, surpassing TikTok to become the No. 1 entertainment list of iOS in the United States. "skit +" mode gradually emerged more possibilities, seems to be creating one wealth myth after another.

The characteristics of short and short, high reversal and strong stimulation make the short play attract a lot of attention. Against this background, on December 27, the first Chinese short Drama Globalization Summit will kick off in Beijing.

Hosted by Maichi Technology, the summit will invite many well-known enterprises, such as Chinese online, iqiyi, bilibili, Kyushu skits, Shanghai Jiashu, capacity skits, mango TV, Zhong Yun dramas, Qingrong skits, Beijing Dianzhong, greenhouse Group, Palm Science and Technology, and so on. The purpose of the activity is to provide practical assistance to practitioners in the short drama industry, establish valuable business contacts, and gather overseas qualified copyright parties, platforms, contractors, script creators, traffic owners, service providers, investors, etc., from business insight to the landing of the market, to create the industry exchange meeting with the greatest contact.

The summit site will bring together short play production teams, investors, distributors and related enterprises from all over the world to discuss the marketing strategy and business model of short plays going out to sea. The event will focus on the successful elements of skits going to sea, including theme selection, translation and localization, quality of skits and marketing. Participants will have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with industry leaders, get first-hand information and gain insight into industry trends.

The summit will focus on the overseas marketing of skits, and the event will include two sub-venues with the themes of "Endogenesis" and "Breakthrough", focusing on the commercial insight and market landing of skits. The participating companies will share their successful experiences and strategic plans in promoting skits around the world, providing valuable reference and inspiration for skit production teams who want to enter overseas markets. In addition, the summit will also cover hot topics such as copyright protection, co-production model exploration and content innovation, providing a comprehensive communication and learning platform for people in the industry.

At the event site, 20 famous guests of the short drama industry from different fields will attend the event and give speeches. They will conduct in-depth discussions around the current situation, challenges and opportunities of short plays, and share first-hand market data and practical experience. In addition, the summit also has 20 seats and 1000 + vertical industry participants, providing sufficient business cooperation opportunities for participants.

In this era full of opportunities and challenges, short play marketing has become the focus of more and more enterprises and teams. We look forward to discussing with you the future trend and development direction of skits at the "first China short Drama Globalization Summit", and join hands to create a bright future for the industry. Let's get together at this summit to write a brilliant chapter of the short drama industry!

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