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Major breakthrough in video memory technology, it is reported that SK Hynix will launch a 2.5D fan-out package next year.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, according to Korean media Business Korea reported that SK Hynix plans to release next year "2.5D fan-out" integrated memory chip packaging solution, to achieve end-to-end connection between two chips.

This packaging scheme involves placing two DRAM chips horizontally side by side and then combining them into one chip. The advantage of this solution is that since there is no substrate added under the chip, the finished microcircuit can be thinner. quoted the South Korean media as saying that TSMC has been using similar arrangements to integrate different chips since 2016 and apply them to Apple's processor production, but storage manufacturers have not paid attention to this technology before.

The vertical integration of HBM memory chips can significantly increase the interface bandwidth, but the cost is high, and SK Hynix developed "2.5D fan-out", can effectively reduce the cost of producing DRAM chips, estimated to be used in the GDDR memory of game graphics cards.

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