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24.4 million Polish zloty, the game "Ghost Walker 2" was returned five days after it was released.

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! November 28, "Ghost Walker 2" was officially released on October 26, developed by One More Level and released by 505 Games. It is currently rated as "particularly well received" on the Steam platform. quoted the Polish news agency PAP as saying that sales of the game exceeded 2440 million Polish zloty (currently about 43.6354 million yuan) in five days of release (as of October 31), while the game's production cost is estimated at 1670 million zloty (currently about 29.8652 million yuan) and a gross profit of 7.7 million zloty (currently about 1377.02 million yuan).

The game goes to PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC Ping. In terms of pricing, the three versions of Steam are RMB168,198,248 respectively.

This is a hot-blooded first-person perspective hardcore kill game, set a year after the Ghost Walker incident. Take risks in this post-apocalyptic world of cyberpunk. Damotta is the last refuge of mankind, but its tyrannical master key division has fallen. Jack will return in this book to fight against the AI cult gathered outside Damotta and reshape the future of mankind.

This book not only retains the knife warfare mechanism and action elements that are loved in Ghost Walker, but also allows players to explore the world beyond Damotta in depth, and adds complex non-linear motorcycle levels. and amazing new models. BOSS battles will be more interactive and players will be free to choose how to deal with their most tenacious and deadly enemies and eventually survive.

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