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Huawei Yu Chengdong mentioned AEB again: show 5 videos to compare the intelligence world S7 to "crush" Tesla car.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, after the AEB dispute some time ago, Yu Chengdong once again mentioned Huawei's AEB technology at the intelligence S7 and Huawei full-scene press conference this afternoon.

Huawei has improved its forward AEB capability with a working speed range of 4-130km/h, of which the recognition of stationary vehicles has supported 120km/h speed, an increase of 33% compared with September this year.

Yu Chengdong showed five comparative videos at the scene, in which the AEB of Wisdom S7 completely "crushed" Tesla. According to one of the live videos, Wisdom S7 can stop at 90km/h brakes, while Modle S can only stop at 50km/h brakes.

In addition, learned from the press conference that Yu Chengdong also responded to the question about the M5 reversing the car "riding" the BYD dolphin some time ago, and said that the owner mistakenly used the throttle as a brake, which had exceeded the working speed of the backward AEB, so it did not work, and was still working on a better solution.

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