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Zhejiang Internet Information Office: investigate and deal with 156illegal App such as Ali auction and Xianyu in accordance with the law.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 28, Zhejiang Province Internet Information Office official WeChat news, according to the "personal Information Protection Law"App illegal collection and use of personal information behavior identification methods" and other laws and regulations, the office investigated and dealt with "MarryU dating" and other illegal App 156 There are some problems, such as the rules for the collection and use of personal information are not made public, the purpose and scope of the collection and use of personal information are not stated, the personal information is collected without the consent of the user, and the collection is in violation of the necessary principles, and the rectification and reform shall be completed within a deadline of 15 days. noted that Ali auction, Xianyu and polar krypton were also among them. is accompanied by a list of App problems ordered to be rectified within a time limit:

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