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Steam sales list for the new week: "Lethal Company" won the championship, and "GTA 5" was again on the list of national regions.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, V News Agency today released the latest weekly sales list of Steam platform (November 21, 2023-November 28, 2023).

Steam's new global championship was won by "Lethal Company" (excluding free game content and Steam Deck). attached Global Top 10 list:

1. Lethal Company


3. Cyber punk 2077

4. Call of duty

5. The Wild Dart 2

6. Baird's Gate 3

7. Extreme racing: horizon 5

8. Relics of Hogwarts

9. Battlefield winds and clouds 5

10. Diablo IV

According to reports, "Lethal Company" is a cooperative horror game about picking up rubbish on the abandoned moon and selling waste to the company. It only supports English and is rated as "rave in praise". It is also a dark horse that has been killed, with a current price of 42 yuan.

You are a contractor in the company. Your job is to collect waste from abandoned industrial satellites to meet the company's profit quota. You can use the money you earn to travel to the new moon with higher risks and rewards-or you can buy fancy suits and decorations for your boat. Experience nature, scan any creatures you find, and add them to your beasts. Explore the wonderful outdoors and search under their abandoned steel and concrete.

Top 10 list of affiliated countries:

1. The Wild Dart 2

two。 Battlefield winds and clouds 5


4. Make a double trip

5. Extreme racing: horizon 5

6. Cyber punk 2077

7. Extreme racing: horizon 4

8. Battlefield wind and clouds 2042

9. Battlefield Wind and Cloud 1

10. GTA 5

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