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The number of digital reading users continues to grow 530 million people enjoy the convenience of digital reading

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Recently, Lu Xun's grandson Zhou Lingfei said in an interview that he "spends 90% of his time browsing videos and 10% of his time reading books", sparking heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens said that Lu Xun's grandson spends 90% of his time browsing videos. No wonder no one reads books now. In fact, this is not surprising, nor does it mean that no one is reading books. It is an era of equal emphasis on screen reading and reading. Paper reading and digital reading together constitute the daily reading mode.

According to the China Digital Reading report 2022, the number of digital reading users in China reached 530 million, an increase of 4.75 percent over the same period last year. With the popularity of reading carriers such as smartphones and tablet computers, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the form, time and place of reading, and digital reading has become a more common reading state.

Digital reading not only provides convenience for reading, but also innovatively solves the problems of difficult selection and reading, which further reduces the difficulty of reading and improves the quality and enthusiasm of reading. According to bilibili's first BILIBILI Reading Ecology report released in 2022, about 90.6 million people watched reading videos on bilibili in 2022, with a total of more than 5.8 billion views, and 743000 people watched at least one reading video on bilibili every day, an increase of 779 percent over the same period last year.

Industry insiders point out that digital reading provides a new reading experience for readers of different ages, academic qualifications and regions, and has become an important way to build a national reading system. Data from the 2022 China Digital Reading report show that in terms of the age of users, the post-95 generation is the main force in digital reading, accounting for 67.15%.

In the group of students, digital reading has also become an indispensable link in the learning process. According to the requirements of the new curriculum standard in 2022, the total amount of students' extracurricular Chinese reading should not be less than 4.05 million words in the stage of compulsory education. English subjects also make clear requirements on the amount of reading, the cumulative amount of reading in primary school should reach 100,000-200,000 words, in addition to teaching materials, junior high school students should read more than 150,000 words, senior high school students should reach more than 180,000-350,000 words.

In the face of the reading requirements put forward by the new curriculum standard, the traditional way of reading has been difficult to meet, and digital reading has become the best choice. Taking the iEnglish intelligent English learning solution as an example, iEnglish has built-in 25000 original English books and 30000-minute video materials to recommend learning content that is suitable for the current level and in line with children's interests through intelligent evaluation and personalized recommendation system, and set up a variety of interactive learning methods, such as listening, reading, retelling and dubbing, so that children can develop the habit of reading independently in a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere.

Digital reading not only makes reading "anytime, anywhere", but also provides people with a space for communication and discussion, enriching people's reading experience. Yang Guang, deputy director of the iEnglish Institute of Future Education, said that the ways and means of reading are not important, as long as reading is good, adhere to long-term reading, and create a strong atmosphere of loving reading, reading good books, and being good at reading, so as to help the whole people read.

Xiao Jinghong, researcher of the Network Literature Center of the Chinese Writers Association and popularizing the national reading of the Chinese Writers Association, said: "under the influence of digital media, the depth and breadth of national reading is constantly expanding. However, no matter how the form and scene of reading changes, the nature and power of reading will not change. Digital media helps to speed up the reading of the whole people, and reading for the whole people promotes the iterative upgrading of digital media, and digital reading brings readers a high-quality, personalized and diversified reading life, making the 'bookish society' from a 'national vision' to become a reality. "

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