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Players make a profit of nearly 100 million yuan by taking advantage of the loophole of "Dungeon & Fighter", and the official response

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Rimi Ishihara Happiness and grass Luo Yuzi for the clue delivery! Update the official response:

Related explanation on the "guild warehouse case" Dear users: to crack down on the underground industry and ensure the game experience of all players has always been our most important mission, in the face of the black industry chain that endangers the game environment, the project team has gradually accumulated a complete set of verification and response plan. In view of the typical and large-scale underground industry behavior, we will take the initiative to cooperate with the police to crack down on the clues involved in crimes. At the same time, the warriors will be notified at the right time based on the judicial process.

In the cases in the judicial process mentioned at the meeting in Guangzhou, the guild warehouse case has now completed the legal procedure and entered the stage of public prosecution. With permission, the relevant information of this case is synchronized as follows:

1. In the second half of 2022, after the suspect used related anomalies to copy props, we monitored the existence of props trading and stock anomalies in some accounts in the game, and immediately monitored the suspicious accounts and traced the source of abnormal props.

2. After investigation, we fixed the clues of the abnormal guild of the relevant external underground industry team, and after continuous evidence collection and collation, we finally reported and filed the case to the Public Security Bureau of Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

3. In the process of solving the case by the police, we continue to actively provide clues, assist the public security organs to ascertain the facts of the crime, and apply to the procuratorate for approval to arrest the relevant suspects.

4. Due to the bad nature of the case, the police will hand over the relevant materials to the procuratorial organs for handling after the end of the investigation stage. Recently, a public prosecution was formally initiated by the Xuanwu District Procuratorate of Nanjing.

In this case, all relevant abnormal accounts, guilds and props have been banned and frozen. at the same time, in addition to some of the materials already consumed, we have also recovered the relevant props involved in the case. minimize the impact on the game economic environment. We are also constantly monitoring to ensure that the game environment stays normal. As the case information is relatively complex, and the case is still in the process of processing, we need to wait for the end of the judicial process of the case, according to the public and accurate case provided by the police, and then release the relevant information and progress to the warriors.

In the first half of this year, in cooperation with Nankang Public Security Bureau of Ganzhou City, we successfully cracked down on an underground industry gang that made profits through auction houses using third-party software, and arrested all the suspects; in this case, we also cooperated with the Xuanwu District Public Security Bureau to crack down on this case and arrested all the suspects. In the future, we will continue to actively cooperate with the relevant departments, spare no effort to crack down on the relevant black industry chain, and build a good game environment for the majority of players., November 28, 12309 China's people's Procuratorate recently announced a case related to the DNF game, saying that the people's Procuratorate of Xuanwu District of Nanjing recently prosecuted two defendants suspected of illegally obtaining data from computer information systems.

The case shows that since August 2022, the defendant Tang took advantage of loopholes in the online game "Dungeon & Fighter (DNF)" personal backpack and warehouse program operated by Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd., and used the script provided by the defendant Cai to illegally copy eight game props such as "contradictory crystals", "distorted dimensional crystals" and "flawless Beryl". Put the copied game props in multiple game guild warehouses and then sell them.

Since August 2022, the defendant Tang successively sold illegally acquired game props to Wang, Wang and Zhou, making a profit of more than 9163 million yuan. The defendant Cai sold the game props copied by the defendant Tang to Wang with a profit of more than 182 million yuan.

According to the Game Daily, some senior DNF users said that the proportion of DNF game coins fluctuated too much this year, falling from 1:50 to 1 100 at one time, and there were also a large number of materials whose consumption has soared but whose value has been declining all the way, such as golden green, which has fallen from 1W to 200W. It believes that this change may be related to the incident.

As of 's press release, DNF officials have not made any response to the incident.

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