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AMD R9 8940H processor appears in Geekbench with the same parameters as R9 7940H

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[update] R7 8840HS and R5 8640HS processors also appear on Geekbench with the same parameters as R7 7840HS and R5 7640HS. November 28 news, equipped with AMD R9 8940H Asustek new Tianxuan notebook has now appeared on the Geekbench running platform.

As shown in the figure above, the R9 8940H processor is still code-named Phoenix, indicating that it is a vest of R9 7940H, and its parameters are 8-core 16-thread, main frequency 4.0GHz, acceleration frequency 5.2GHz, kernel Radeon 780m, the same as R9 7940H.

AMD is expected to release the vest 8040 series of Auron 7040 processors on CES early next year. The new Strix Point Mobile APU is expected to be launched in the middle of next year, using Zen5 CPU cores, and the number of cores has been upgraded to 12 cores; Nucleo has also been upgraded, using RDNA 3.5 architecture, with 16CU.

As previously reported by, the relevant models of the AMD 8040 series APU have been exposed:

Image source harukaze5719 related reading:

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