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Apple iOS / iPadOS 17.2 developer preview release of Beta 4

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Thanks to netizens Little Earl, Freddy123, Little Master Jeffery, Anonymous spokesperson, Ice Fantasy City, Gincock for the delivery of the clue! [click here to download the description file], November 29 (Xinhua)-- Apple today launched a developer preview version of iOS / iPadOS 17.2 Beta 4 update (build number: 21C5054b) to iPhone and iPad users, 14 days after its last release.

If nothing happens, the official version of iOS 17.2 is expected to be updated in December. Although the Beta testing period is coming to an end, Apple is still adding new features. Let's summarize what is currently known in the fourth beta version of iOS 17.2. Let's take a look at it.

Default tone under "Sound and Touch", Apple has added a new "default reminder" section that allows you to select all notifications except text, email and calendar reminders.

All text tones can be used for the default bosom friend, and there is also an option to change the tactile vibration of the default notification.

Collaborative Apple Music playlists although Apple introduced this feature in the early version of iOS 17.2, Apple later removed this option in its fourth beta.

The Warranty coverage section under AppleCare Settings > General has been renamed to AppleCare and Warranty, but the content remains basically the same, and it still contains AppleCare information for connected devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch and AirPods.

Under General > about, there is a new warranty section that provides information about the warranty coverage of iPhone.

Recording to external device for iPhone 15 Pro series models, you can record ProRes video directly to an external device. So Apple added a new pop-up message to iOS 17.2 to let users know that external recording cannot be performed because the USB-C data line is too slow.

The code in iTunesiOS 17. 2 confirms that Apple plans to remove the option to buy TV shows and movies from its iTunes app. In the future, TV and movie content will need to be purchased in Apple TV apps, but so far this change has not yet been implemented.

Apple simply wrote in the code: "you can buy or rent TV shows and find what you buy in the Apple TV app."

How do I upgrade the iOS / iPadOS / watchOS / macOS development version?

To upgrade the iOS / iPad OS 17 developer preview version, please refer to the experience shared by family and friends: experience post 1 | experience post 2 | experience post 3 | | experience post 4.

From iOS / iPadOS 16.4 developer preview version Beta 1, you need to register for the Apple developer program. After registration, open the system * * Settings * * and * * Software updates * * to see the upgrade options. Note that your iPhone or iPad must be logged in using the same Apple ID you used when registering Apple Developer Program to see the upgrade option in the settings.

In future iOS and iPadOS versions, this new setting will be a way to enable the developer preview version, and the configuration description file will no longer grant access.

How to upgrade iOS / iPadOS / watchOS / macOS public beta version? You only need to download and install the [description file] to detect the public beta upgrade in the system update. The description file can be downloaded by:

Method 1: follow Wechat official account (click here to enter), send a message [description file] or [Apple] to get an automatic reply download link. As shown in the following figure:

Method 2: open the CTOnews.comiOS client (click here to download), click [find] → [Apple description File] to find the download link. As shown in the following figure:

Method 3: go to Apple iOS description file download Daquan-full use strategy: play beta / limited upgrade. Must-have download.

It should be noted that due to the cache configuration problem of Apple node servers in various regions, the upgrade and update time may be slightly delayed in some places, usually within half an hour, not too long.

Apple iOS history firmware download collection: "Apple iOS / iPadOS / macOS firmware download / update log collection"

Attached iOS / iPadOS 17 release History: 2023-11-15:iOS 17.2 Beta 3 (21C5046c)

2023-11-10:iOS 17.2 Beta 2 (21C5040g)

2023-11-08:iOS 17.1.1 (21B91)

2023-10-27:iOS 17.2 Beta (21C5029g)

2023-10-18:iOS 17.1 Release Candiate (21B74)

2023-10-11:iOS 17.1 Beta 3 (21B5066a)

2023-10-05:iOS 17.0.3 (21A360)

2023-10-04:iOS 17.1 Beta 2 (21B5056e)

2023-09-28:iOS 17.1 Beta (21B5045h)

2023-09-23:iOS 17.0.2 (21A350)

2023-09-22:iOS 17.0.1 (21A340)

2023-09-13:iOS 17 Release Candidate (21A329)

2023-08-30:iOS 17 Beta 8 (21A5326a)

2023-08-23:iOS 17 Beta 7 (21A5319a)

2023-08-16:iOS 17 Beta 6 (21A5312c)

2023-08-09:iOS 17 Beta 5 (21A5303d)

2023-07-26:iOS 17 Beta 4 (21A5291h)

2023-07-06:iOS 17 Beta 3 (21A5277h)

2023-06-22:iOS 17 Beta 2 (21A5268h)

2023-06-06:iOS 17 Beta (21A5248v)

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