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The strategy of reducing production and insuring price in large factories worked, and the contract price of DRAM / NAND memory chip Q4 was better than expected.

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Shulou( Report-- November 29 news, although the sales of most of the terminal products of Singles Day are flat, under the premise of substantial production reduction and output control in the three original factories (Samsung, SK Hynix and Meguiar), the spot price trend of memory chips continues, among which NAND has a more obvious increase due to serious losses.

According to the Industrial and Commercial Times of Taiwan, the strategy of reducing production and insuring prices for large memory chip manufacturers has been very effective. The contract price of Q4 is better than market expectations, of which DDR5 is up 1520%, dint DDR4 is up 10.15%, and DDR3 is up 10%, compared with the original estimate of only 50.010%. At the same time, the average growth rate of each NAND is at least 20.25%, which is significantly higher.

In addition, Samsung made a normal offer for DRAM, but suspended the offer and did not ship it in the NAND section, and the latest offer remains to be seen.

Tu Yuan query found that the latest quotation from InSpectrum shows that 4Gb and 8Gb DDR4 are basically the same in DRAM spot in the past week, but the quotation has increased by 3.03% and 1.97% in the past month.

On the spot side of NAND Flash, the weekly price of 256Gb is basically the same, but it is up 4.12% with 512Gb TLC Flash, and the monthly price is up 15.25% and 27.78%, respectively.

TrendForce analysts expect DRAM quotes to rise 30.8 per cent in the fourth quarter, compared with a fall of 0.5 per cent in the third quarter, while NAND quotes rose 8.13 per cent in the fourth quarter, much better than the 5per cent decline in the third quarter.

Storage module manufacturers revealed that at present, the original factory mainly played "delaying tactics" on the supply of Flash (flash memory) in the fourth quarter. The original (module factory) tried to finalize millions of orders in September, but the original factory was reluctant to release the goods, even if it was willing to deliver the goods, the quantity and price could not achieve the satisfactory target. Although the terminal market demand has entered the off-season, the Flash spot market is in a special state of hot upstream and cold downstream, accelerating the overall adjustment of Flash wafer products. Despite the overstocking in the short-term channel market, the NAND Flash wafer rose rather than decreased, with the mainstream 512 Gb spot price rising by about 20% a month to $2.60.

It is said that Samsung's DRAM production fell by 30% in the fourth quarter. Hynix and Meguiar reduced production by 20%, and the original factory reduced production of NAND even more. Production cuts by the three major suppliers are expected to continue until mid-2024, and capital expenditure and output will focus on higher profits, such as HBM and DDR5.

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