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The number of people has doubled in more than three months for free, and the global players of NetEase's "endless robbery" game have exceeded 40 million.

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues!, November 29, more than three months after changing from paid to free, NetEase announced that the number of players worldwide has exceeded 40 million, double the number before free. queried the Steam rankings and found that "Forever robbery" ranked 15th among the most popular Steam regions in the latest week (November 21-November 28).

On July 14, NetEase bought out the martial arts adventure game "Forever robbery" into a free game and landed on Sony's PS5 platform.

For players who set up their characters before July 14, the official will present Ning Red Night Fashion with the theme of Revival Flowers, customized avatars, and gold nuggets priced in the corresponding versions (standard version 1960 nuggets, deluxe version 3360 nuggets, ultimate version 4960 nuggets), veteran players will receive them online.

New players who enter the game after July 14 will have a consistent in-office experience and out-of-office system, or they can purchase an upgrade package to upgrade to three buyout versions (standard, deluxe and ultimate). Considering the matching balance, new players need to reach a certain level to participate in the ranking mode.

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