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Yun Kuai Chong attended the 2023BNEF Shanghai Summit to talk about the global competitiveness of the automobile industry.

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On November 27-28, the 2023 Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Shanghai Summit was officially held in Pudong, Shanghai. Cloud Quick Chong, as a new energy vehicle charging service and energy management solution provider in China, was invited to attend the meeting again. Dai Jun, Chief Financial Officer of Cloud Quick Chong, participated in the special forum on "Global Competitiveness of Automobile Manufacturing" held on the morning of November 28, together with Alfonso Sancha, Executive Vice President of Volkswagen Group (China) and Axel Maschka, Executive Vice President of Mobis, to discuss the new future of the automobile industry from the perspective of mainframe factory, parts supply chain and automobile charging service provider.

Photo Source: BNEF Summit

During the meeting, all automobile industry experts showed a positive and optimistic attitude towards the development of new energy vehicles. Alfonso Sancha, executive vice president of Volkswagen Group (China), believes that in the future, Chinese cars will likely show a market share of 50% pure electric + 25% hybrid + 25% fuel vehicles. In the case of the sustainable development of new energy vehicles, the importance of charging infrastructure construction is self-evident.

In response to the host's question of "how to meet the charging needs of customers in different industries", Dai Jun, chief financial officer of Yunkaichong, said that based on the strategic thinking of opening up the ecological industry, Yunkaichong has established in-depth cooperation with major customers of government and enterprises, large-scale new energy vehicle companies at home and abroad, vehicle networking platforms, national vehicle operators and life service platforms. Cloud Quick Chong provides different service solutions for large commercial customers and C-end consumers, and continues to work with them for mutual benefit.

Photo Source: BNEF Summit

For a long time, cloud fast charging continues to dig deep into the charging Internet of things technology, and strives to become a partner of more charging station operators. As of October 2023, more than 16,000 high-quality charging station operators have reached cooperation with Cloud Express, with access to more than 410000 charging terminals. The "Operation of the National Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure in October 2023" released by the China charging Alliance also shows that the scale of the charging terminal of Cloud Quick charge has ranked first in the country. The continuous construction of a national competitive public charging network and the efficient layout of the growth point of the energy supplement market for new energy vehicles are the development measures that Cloud Quick Chong insists on implementing.

During the meeting, experts also conducted in-depth discussions on China's new energy vehicles going out to sea and their global competitiveness. Dai Jun, chief financial officer of Yunkuangchong, shared the research on the overseas charging pile market. In the follow-up, Cloud Quick Chong will also actively join hands with mainframe factories and pile enterprises to continue to overcome overseas standard barriers, develop a safe and effective data management system, and make continuous efforts to create a more influential global charging service network.

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