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Time-limited Plus member annual card: Motorola moto razr 40 folding screen phone 3608 yuan to explore a new low

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Motorola's moto razr 40 folding screen phone was released in March this year, and the official price of the 8x256G version is 4299 yuan.

Today, made a big push for a limited time in his own business, which went straight down to 3708.9 yuan. after stacking 100 yuan coupons, he could get it for only 3608.9 yuan: Motorola moto razr 40 folding screen mobile phone 8GB+256GB coupon 3608.9 yuan coupon Plus member purchase order time-limited gift Plus member annual card, the return value of 40 yuan Jingdou.

According to the official introduction, moto razr 40 adopts borderless aesthetic design, the fuselage is made of high-strength 7-series aviation aluminum, and the outer screen is the 7th generation Corning gorilla glass with a resolution of 194 × 368; the whole system is made of air nano-leather material, with three colors of Jiaoyue white, azure gray and cherry powder, thin 7.35mm, weighing 188.6g.

Moto razr 40 uses the fourth generation star orbit axis, supports 400000 folds; the inner screen is 6.9in, with a resolution of 2640 × 1080, and supports 1-144Hz LTPO, 123 DCI-P3, SGS double eye protection authentication, and full DC dimming; it is equipped with Snapdragon 7Gen 1 processor and built-in 4200mAh battery, supporting 33W wired fast charging and wireless charging, dual card dual standby dual 5G.

The machine rear dual cameras: 6400 megapixel camera (OIS anti-shake) + 1300 megapixel ultra-wide-angle macro lens, front 3200 megapixel wide-angle selfie lens. Motorola moto razr 40 folding screen phone 8GB+256GB coupon 3608.9 yuan coupon

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